Fan makes custom Pichu phone charger

SO cheeky!

There are plenty of official Pokemon-branded phone chargers out there, but there's definitely not anything like the option above. It was created by artist Nendo Yoshirin, and there's only one of them in the world.

This Pichu has a MagSafe charger hidden in its right cheek, and you can nestle your phone right up against Pichu's cheek to get a charge. Sure, the charger takes up a ton of room and you can't use your phone while it's charging, but I'd say the overall cool factor more than makes up for it!

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Such artistry! This is an incredible talent, and a pretty clever idea to boot. Perfect attention to detail and proportions are all the more impressive given that it's hand-made. It looks like this is hardly the first of this person's work, either... I think I'm gonna have to click that subscribe button. I might even ring that bell.

i like that it's the notched ear pichu

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