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Dedenne tops Pokemon Co.'s Pokemon popularity Twitter poll

Dedenne did it!
by rawmeatcowboy
25 February 2021
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For the last few days, Pokemon Co. has been running a poll in Japan via Twitter. The poll aimed to get people voting on their favorite Pokemon. Believe it or not, over a million votes were cast, and now we know who the top 3 Pokemon are.

Dedenne beat out all the other Pokemon to take the top spot, gathering over 69k votes. Cinccino took a very strong second place, amassing over 54k votes. The top 3 is rounded out by Sableye, making for a trio that many wouldn't expect to lead the pack.

If you want to see the Pokemon that filled out the top 10, you can get that breakdown below.

4. Snivy
5. Magnemite
6. Swadloon
7. Pikachu
8. Buzzswole
9. Oshawott
10. Flygon