Empire of Sin updated to Version

Empire of Sin has been updated to Version Check out the patch notes for this update below.

Changelog - Patch 1.03​

The Highlights
  • Safehouses are now hidden
  • Combat AI has been improved and provides more challenge
  • Added a Mini-resolve option to avoid nuisance combat demands. A new system will be implemented in the next update (1.04)
  • Fast travel has been limited
  • You can no longer attack an Enemy Faction you’re not at War with
  • The in-game time can now be paused on consoles
  • The game now runs at 60fps on Xbox Series S
  • Console players now have the option to reduce the size of the screen, to compensate for overscan on some TVs cutting off the edge of the UI

General Changes
  • AI ignores temporary alliances when deciding to break an alliance
  • Loot crates are now rebalanced
  • Adjusted racket income filter list to take the prosperity modifier into account
  • Added separate notoriety gains for raze, ransack, and smash up
  • Prevented Personality Traits from reapplying every time you save/load
  • Removed time-free teleporting
  • Fixed disappearing gangsters
  • UI polish
  • Locale polish
  • Prevented alcohol resource errors when ransacking that could lead to inventory corruption
  • Fixed instances of disappearing actors when upgrading ambience
  • Fixed severe issues when a game is loaded where "master hotelier" is in effect
  • Fixed an issue where actors could be sent to the void if two buildings changed their racket type at the same time
  • Added more building and colour variety in the neighbourhoods
  • Fixed an issue where the player cannot scroll the claim list without using virtual cursor mode when using a controller
  • Gangster Talents now need to be unlocked
  • Fix boss ability items inheriting incorrect modifiers through weapon stats
  • Add a wait to the flee action so players can see the characters leave the area
  • Character model improvements
  • Fixed an issue where if a player added a space or lowercase letters when editing a building name, the building name would not be displayed correctly
  • Added more building variety throughout the neighbourhoods
  • Better telegraphing and delay for Hotels Disbanding
  • Better notifications for players when hotels are disbanded
  • Fixed a softlock when assigning Lieutenants
  • Fixed issue where if a character has more than 9 Status Effects on them, the UI will start to overlap. If they receive 28 or more, the icons will start to go off screen
  • Empire screen filter lists scroll resets on repopulating
  • The missing synergy icon has been found and returned to its rightful slot
  • The Crew screen and Black Market now have no whitespace issues when viewed in 4:3
  • The issue when switching to Asian languages and switching back would cause text to disappear in the tutorial is now resolved
  • Updated the hiring costs for the starting gangsters
  • An issue with Safehouse discovery resetting on load has now been laid to rest
  • The awkward silences in sitdowns have now been filled with conversation
  • Cleared the truce/end war sitdowns when war is removed
  • Missing translations in the Settings window from the Title screen have been replaced
  • Increased the difficulty of the difficulty levels
  • Changed Threaten Option in sitdown pop up
  • Fixed alcohol resource being released twice
  • Save upgrader to fix older saves not loading from alcohol issue
  • Saltis issue with rackets being locked fixed
  • DMJ issue for Thompson not on map in Blues fixed
  • Capone softlock when talking to Guard fixed
  • When skipping to Ronnie’s phone call in the tutorial, we didn't have a valid reference to the brewery. This has now been fixed
  • Increased the tiers for racket guards for all major factions
  • Multiple tooltips were missing in the Empire Overview, Finances and Alcohol info screen. We found them and the are now back where they belong
  • The name of the neighborhood is now added to the surrender dialog options
  • Various UI fixes
  • Made sure that the tutorial safehouse doesn't spawn exterior guards while the tutorial is active
  • Added new advertisements, see if you can spot them all!
  • Fixed Safehouse Discovered Softlock in Tutorial
  • Friend In Need mission fix for not completing after killing lodge members
  • Jacques Attacks mission fix for not completing if you upgrade all rackets at once
  • Fixed crate positions
  • Increased the sitdown timeout from 5 minutes to 15 minutes
  • Unknown characters will no longer reveal the faction name if we start pre-combat near them
  • Mark Target will now work in pre-combat and start combat immediately when activated
  • Resolved an issue where the AI could initiate combat while a sitdown was beginning. This would result in a soft lock in some cases
  • Added recruiting time to AI squads
  • Removed war-free attacks. You want a fight, start a war
  • Raul was placed so close to a building that his arm was in it
  • Genna fix for Round The World mission not completing
  • When the player refuses the police request for cash, their rating with the police is reduced depending on their notoriety. If they pay up, their rating with the police is increased
  • Fixed a cursor issue when cancelling a load game request
  • Nicknames should now display how you got them in a pop up
  • Fixed an issue where all tutorial attacks by player were asking for confirmation
  • Fixed an issue with safehouse storages being nil
  • Prevented Moles from being added to selection
  • Non-tutorial AI Factions now start with a safehouse security level of 2 instead of 1
  • Fixed bookshelf collisions in bars
  • Active pause added for consoles
  • Created a Sal's Tips update for 1.03 to advise players in-game as to what the updates are
  • Updated Large Casino interiors
  • Different colors for the Explore and the Exterminate Agenda icon outline on the minimap and street view. This change also fixes colors of agenda icons not updating when you encounter a squad from an unknown faction
  • Fixed Status bar icons overlap with combat status UI
  • Police now resume patrolling correctly after TurningABlindEye is over in a location
  • Made all loot in crates uncommon
  • O'Banion's mission POI not updating if racket becomes invalid is now fixed
  • Fixed Duarte's mission racket showing 0 cost for buildings after takeover, CMA mission not continuing
  • Injured Gangsters are now correctly disappearing after taking over a racket when they become injured
  • Fixed Word on The Street mission not continuing because combat was starting during a conversation
  • Various save game fixes
  • Made prosperity only update on weekly events
  • Fixed issue where character entered into a T-pose if they travel while paused
  • Fixed issue where players could end up not being able to move long distances
  • Traffic no longer brought to a standstill on completing the tutorial
  • Fixed the issue with loot screens popping up when other factions find them
  • Removed cash from loot crate drops
  • The Municipal Pier is now properly named on the map screen
  • Additional checking by minor faction AI to ensure target faction has requested alcohol before making trade request

Combat Fixes/Changes
  • Issues with the AI not using grenades if they have to step out from cover have been fixed.
  • Dead combatants can no longer panic during combat
  • Allowed the boss to gain notoriety if anyone in their faction performs an execution
  • Ensured that AI squads that are about to attack a building are not using other tactics before they attack
  • Reduced the OW Angle for Dart Gun from 180 to 130 degrees and reduced the OW Angle for LP08 Pistol from 180 to 150 degrees
  • Suppressed Fire shot does not deal damage to targets
  • Ensured that combat can't start during conversations
  • Fixed issue where player is able to equip regular rounds on dart gun
  • Tweaked Last Rites as it can deal more damage than it is supposed to: All attacks with more than one shot would always deal crit damage after the first crit shot
  • Fixed issue where certain conversations couldn't start combat
  • Stopped heal over time effects being applied when their item is equipped
  • Fixed a softlock in combat when moving characters who had been revived from bleeding out as the result of an overwatch shot
  • Fixed Ability & Melee descriptions being truncated during combat
  • Fixed issue where Gun panel would stay up with no gun icon
  • Fixed an issue where entering combat during the war tutorial softlocks the game
  • Remove the drunk animation while in combat to fix characters teleporting across the map
  • Ensured errors in AI tactics don't block AI behaviour
  • Fixed softlock related to a primary faction being eliminated in a war
  • Fixed softlock when a revenge reaction turn was triggered after shooting
  • Fixed softlock when using batter up on a character that doesn't die
  • Weapon Balance: Reduced the effectiveness of a number of weapons. Critical hit damage has been reduced across the board. Removed the instant kill modifier from the Funeral Arranger Shotgun and the Deceiver Rifle. Added Knockback and Bleed to the Deceiver
  • Fixed knife attack animation freezing
  • Fixed save games with broken melee weapons after using a batter up reaction attack
  • Fixed an issue where Knocking Out a character with an overwatch shot would softlock the game
  • Fixed issue where character could be stuck in the knocked out pose after combat ends
  • Last Rites ability has limited range, which was not implied by the game in any way. This is now fixed
  • Fixed issue with Remedy not appearing on action bar
  • Fixed issue with Hair Trigger ability activation popup showing even when character is knocked down
  • Fixed an issue where certain combat reactions were using stale position / vision data. Could cause an issue where a character would "step out" to an old position several meters away
  • Time Bomb will now disrupt overwatch when thrown
  • Characters no longer get up after they have been executed if they were put in the BleedingOut state by a critical hit
  • Fixed issue where Last Rites didn’t indicate that DMJ's Mauser has 10 shots leading people to believe it is bugged
  • If a gangster or boss will be affected by the exterior combat, the dialogue offering surrender now shows their name
  • The camera will no longer move after the player abandons exterior combat when the attackers are attacking the outside of a building
  • AI attacking building exteriors will now attack between 8-15 metres from the building door instead of between 0 - 5 meters
  • Fixed issue where corpses would block player moving to tiles
  • Vicekings boss Daniel leaned on us for getting his name wrong in German
  • The camera will no longer move after the player abandons exterior combat when the attackers are attacking the outside of a building
  • We have ensured the Run Away option is displayed in surrender dialogue if the character is under attack outside
  • Added even more variety in the buildings
  • Made sure characters cant get stuck in the overwatch pose at the end of combat
  • Characters now rotate back to their overwatch direction after getting attacked
  • Increased the duration before an AI will declare war without an antagonizing incident
  • Adjusted weapon ranges and stats
  • Smooth out the curves for weapon ranges to reduce a number of sharp drop offs.
  • Lowered a number of critical damage multiplier values for numerous weapon types.
  • Removed critical hit chance from a number of explosives weapons.
  • Removed armor damage from rifles
  • Fixed an issue where the AI would get close to the player
  • Added new movement parameters that allows the AI to want to move towards the effective range of their weapon
  • Improved the performance for moving towards enemies and grouping with allies
  • Fixed an issue with all tiers of Saltis melee racket guard being equipped with Brass Knuckles. Now each tier of Saltis melee racket guard is equipped with appropriate tiers of melee weapon
  • Wandering thugs and thugs near loot crates will no longer attack the player on sight. They will attack if the player opens a loot crate near them
  • Guards of major and minor factions will now only attack the player faction characters on sight if they are at war
  • Melee attacks now trigger the correct animation if the target bleeds out
  • Fixed that combatants who start a battle while in sitting pose, will no longer stay in that pose for the whole fight
  • Guards in rackets will no longer sit in chairs
  • Resolved a UI Overlap in combat with large text settings
  • Further updates to the combat AI to help them move when no targets are visible and stay put when they can do actions from their current position
  • Made sure bleeding out targets are prioritised correctly in the chance to hit order
  • Friendly fire no longer removes non-aggression types of pacts (ceasefires/defense agreements..etc)
  • Fixed issue where Unleash Fury could fail to activate
  • Reduce the movement debuff from exhaustion from -2 to -1
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the "Exit Ambush" button did nothing in combat
  • Character speed returns to normal if Drunk status wears off during combat
  • Gut Shot sfx now only plays when someone gets shot in the gut
  • Fixed issue with the Lifeline ability which could cause it to be applied incorrectly to characters close to the action
  • Fixed an issue with Lifeline where the bonus could become stuck on a character
  • Fixed a bug where characters could be warped out of the combat bounds at the beginning of combat if that character had been knocked down or killed by an overwatch shot in a previous combat

Mission Fixes/Changes
  • Auto focusing missions that come from quest givers and boss missions
  • Fixed failing Ryley mission when Alfred dies
  • Fixed Helen being placed in Dyer mission when placement invalidated
  • Removed repeated objectives failing missions
  • Fixed alcohol production being stopped forever in CMA mission and Burned Booze and Ruined Barley event
  • Added placement invalidated to RPC missions so they stop failing when a building is upgraded
  • Moved Kicking the Habit mission to mid game to stop both Maria missions spawning together
  • CMA fixes - Stopping All Good Things on Alt time auto-completing, fix for Jacques Attack and They're onto Us
  • Boss mission fixes - Stopping NPCs from spawning on band stand, buildings taken over by killing boss now count as conquering and progress mission, fix for DMJ mission Down Hearted Blues
  • Fixed missions not completing in groups
  • CMA fixes, Auto accepting mission rewards instead of relying on resolution pop up
  • Persisting mission NPCs that are going to be resurrected to stop them from disappearing, misc boss mission fixes
  • CMA fixes, body bag removal fix, removing persistent POI over Maria's head, adding do not revive tag to mission NPCs to stop them getting up after combat
  • Moved any mission NPCs standing on stages in bars off them
  • Fixed an issue where interior guards could duplicate themselves after winning a defensive fight
  • Union mission, family business mission and NPC approaching player to talk fixed
  • Lost and Found: After interaction with thugs, we have fixed the loading freeze when trying to enter racket
  • Fixed some missions giving rewards even when they are failed
  • Fixed Broken Menagerie not continuing if fight happens before thug fight

Thug Variants
  • You should now see 13 variations of thugs
  • The appearance is randomly selected

Racket Guard Changes
Any old saves that were made before these changes were introduced will keep their previous racket guards until that racket is upgraded or sold and purchased again. Once upgraded or purchased the racket will start using the new guard setup.

  • With each level of security upgrade the guards will now become much tougher
  • A new tier of racket guard has been introduced at security upgrade levels 4 and 5
  • These changes only attribute based. The number of guards has not changed and there has been no changes made to the guard inventories
  • Fixed issue with racket guards not being replenished

Faction Changes
  • Allowing the boss to gain notoriety if anyone in their faction performs an execution
  • Fixing Spiffing Brit minor faction exploit
  • Faction AI no longer attacks buildings outside of war. Existing attacks outside of war in older saves are cancelled.
  • The diplomacy option for retribution demands has been removed

Safehouse Changes
  • Safehouses now start out as hidden (white buildings you can't interact with)
  • Discovery chance increases by 1% a week from meeting a faction
  • Once a month a safehouse discovery chance checked and the safehouse is revealed if the check passes
  • Diplomacy screen shows your current discovery chance
  • Taking over that faction's rackets further increases the discovery chance and checks (dynamic percentage based on faction rackets remaining)
  • Event fires on safehouse being discovered
  • Guards don't show up outside the safehouse until the safehouse is discovered by the player
  • Ensuring taking over safehouses correctly assigns lieutenants
  • Fixed issue with gangsters flagged as “away” being able to be assigned to a safehouse

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