Nintendo still set on removing Super Mario 35th Anniversary content at the end of the month

The Tweet above comes from Nintendo's official Japanese Twitter account, and it serves to remind consumers that certain Mario-themed content will be removed at the end of the March 2021. More specifically, Super Mario Bros. 35 and Super Mario 3D All-Stars are slated to be removed on March 31st 2021. Nintendo announced this information when the games were first revealed, and they seem to be sticking with the decision to remove the games. 


What if they take down all the 35th anniversary content and replace them with 36th anniversary content? One more player to knock out in Super Mario Bros. 36! What innovation!

Nintendo will pull some stroke, I'm sure they'll be back in some form or other, whether it's selling them individually or making them available periodically on the eShop. It's not like them to turn down easy money.

On a related note, I was just thinking that Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the only Mario game that isn't on Switch in some form or other. Wouldn't surprise me if it gets the Skyward Sword HD treatment.

Mon Mar 01 21 11:16am
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Don't count 100% on that just because It makes Sense. Remember: the 4 swords Legend of Zelda anniversary on the DSi disappeared 10 years ago never to be seen again.

Mon Mar 01 21 11:18am
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Super Mario Land 1 and 2, and the DS and 3DS games aren't available on the Switch either.

They're handheld games, I was listing console Mario games. But I take your point.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 hd remake? Heck yes. They could add bowsers fury to that in the form of one of bowsers air ships firing at you while you clear the level.

They could call it "Super Mario Galaxy 2 HD, 2 Furious"

I refuse to support this kind of thing. I was mildly interested in replaying these games, but I'd rather emulate them.

Mon Mar 01 21 12:08pm
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You know...I get why they would want to delist the collection and the content. Its the 35th anniversary of Super Mario. You keep that going and it's no longer the anniversary and I get that. I also get why Nintendo would still want to delist the collection altogether because it coincides with the anniversary and this is just to test the waters on how this compilation works out.

But for the love of god Nintendo, DO SOMETHING ABOUT BRINGING YOUR CLASSIC GAMES! Seriously, four years of the console and still no GB, GBC, GBA, Wii or GCN games. How can you not have atleast the GB lineup considering its the most important history part of Nintendo?!?

You've been told this before. Virtual Console bombed in Japan so that's why Nintendo no longer focuses on their back catalogue outside NES Online and SNES Online.

If they feel NES and SNES Online isn't making money, then don't expect a GB Online or a 64 Online. Compilations and remakes will be the only means to get the back catalogue officially.

They can always add classic games from after the SNES to the eShop as single downloads. Good money in that I would guess. They are obviously going away from VC, or they have gone away from it, but they love to resell their old games.

But didn't the VC do pretty good here in the West?

Mon Mar 01 21 08:07pm
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Virtual Console has done good in the west. The problem though Japan's Virtual Console sold in the red that negated the gains from the west. Back in the Miiverse era, westerners posted on various VC boards, but hardly anyone posted on the Japanese VC boards outside the popular ones like the older games in the Super Mario series.

To keep it short: Nintendo ended up selling VC games at a loss overall.

That's too bad. Was a great idea and it worked great too. But all god tings must come to an end (like the Miiverse too). So then the N64 and GC games could rather hit the eShop. That should work.

Look Nintendo knows that their legacy content is what brings people all around. They wouldn't have put NES and SNES online apps for nothing if the NES didn't do so well.

Whatever the case, I don't care because they STILL need to work on bringing their classic games.

Nintendoes what Nintendoes! In a sense it's kinda cool because it's like a "fuck you" and fun way. But I'll miss Mario 35. HAd fun wih that.


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