Happy New Year (and news on GoNintendo's imminent return!)

The time is almost here!

Happy new year, my friends! I hope your 2021 had some bright spots, and that 2022 brings you all sorts of wonderful things. If you were hoping for GoNintendo’s return to be a part of the new year, you’re in luck! Our revamp is closer than ever to wrapping up, and I’m here to tease what’s in the very near future.

While we might have a more specific timeframe in mind internally, I feel safe sharing that GoNintendo should be returning to action sometime in Q1 of 2022! Yes, that means that we should be up-and-running sometime before March of 2022 ends. It’s obviously been a long road for everyone involved, but there’s very much a light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s becoming considerably brighter every single day.

An absolutely enormous, monumental, gargantuan thank-you is in order for both T27Duck and Cortjezter. It’s a simple fact that GoNintendo returning to action would not be possible without the two of them. They are 100% the reasons why our revamp is happening, and the people behind building everything out. The work these two have done in a short period of time is truly astounding. The magic they work and the feats they pull off boggle my mind every single time we meet to figure out the path ahead. They’ve done so much so far, and have more to handle before launch, but I already have less than zero doubt they’ve given us the best version of GoNintendo yet.

I cannot wait to get back into the swing of things with work, and I’m chomping at the bit to put GoNintendo’s revamp through its paces. I’ll also be bringing some of you with me, as I’m looking to grab some of you for news/features positions as well! Yes, we’ll be looking to bring in new staffers before the relaunch, and I’m hoping some of you will be interested! I’ll have more on that in the very near future, so keep a lookout for those details super soon.

For now, I just wanted to pop in on day one of the new year with the good news, and I also wanted to wish you all a wonderful 2022. Everyone faced some major struggles last year, and we all deserve a better year this time around. I hope 2022 brings you everything you need/want/wish for in abundance. Let’s make this the best year possible!

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I am looking forward to it.
More importantly, I want to wish you and yours a Happy New Year. May this year be better than the last.

This does make for a Happy New Year, I eagerly await the return!

Yessss! Happy New Year RMC and everyone here!

I will be here day one when the site relaunches. Love all of you! ;_;

Merry New Year, RMC!

I'm so excited. We're lucky to have you coming back. ^__^

Happy New Year Rawmeat

Glad to hear it! Looking forward to the site coming back!!

Out of curiosity, is there some way to apply for a staff position? It would be cool to be a bigger part of a site Ive been visiting since before the 3ds released!

Hope all is well and i hope everyone has an awesome 2022!

Sat Jan 01 22 06:35pm
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Great news. I wish you and everyone else well RMC. Last year was a rotten year, one to forget imo, for a lot of people. Happy New Year all! I made a thread in the forums earlier, wishing everyone a Happy New Year. I doubt anyone even seen it. Hopefully, the site revamp helps the forums as well.


For Nintendo in 2022, they could top 2017 as being the best year for Switch in terms of killer games, BOTW2 being my personal highlight. Their potential lineup is great, and there could be more surprises, like a new rumoured DK game, or a new F-Zero, one can dream.

Sat Jan 01 22 06:48pm
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Glad to hear that the site is coming along.This lighted up my day. We had to put our dog down on new years eve (age 16,5) so I could use a bit of good news.

Wishing you, your family, and heck, everyone here a wonderful 2022.
Can't wait to see all the hardwork everyone's put into the new GN.

Happy new year RawMeatCowboy and GoNintendo Crew!

Very exciting news and I'll definitely be here for the revamp! Can't wait.

Happy New Year, RMC and gang.

And come back soon!

Happy new year, I am excited to see the new GoNintendo!

Sun Jan 02 22 02:33am
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I refresh the site multiple times a day waiting for this. I am very happy it's coming together. I've tried other Nintendo focused sites, and really don't enjoy them, so this is great news.

Sun Jan 02 22 01:48pm
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We are the diehards :p
I also refreshed multiple times a day.

I also don't really like other Nintendo news site altough I must confess that NintendLife has a perk of being more Europe focused which is good as I'm an European (here I have to Google for some details as sometimes there are differences with the US) but then again the management there is toxic, if you don't share their views they block you, and they do much clickbait too so once this site is back up I'l gladly google these things again.

Sun Jan 02 22 08:38pm
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It definitely is nice that you can get EU focused info easily there, but that is also where my praise would stop too. I dont want to put down other sites too much here, but I definitely agree with you, and will add their reader base is no better. I am glad that my time with other sites is coming to a close again.

Happy new year!
I'm still visiting the site every day and I'm really looking forward to the grand 'reopening'!

Happy new year to you all.

I can't wait to get back to GoNintendo rather than going to Nintendo Everything.

Mon Jan 03 22 10:23am
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I was hoping we'd hear from you in the new year!

And I'm quite eager for Gonintendo's return. I will drop the other game news sites I read LIKE A ROCK because they don't stack up to the way Gonintendo was. So please don't change Gonintendo TOO much.

Couldn't be happier to hear. Still check the site daily out of habit.

Happy new year everyone! ^_^

I cant wait to see RawMeat rolling again. It feels like forever but the day Go Nintendo is Go again, will be something special.

All the best to Kevin and everyone involved.

Happy New Year! I can't wait for the site to return. I love this site and it's been a part of my whole adult life. I'm also interested in applying to those positions.

Can't wait! I refresh this site almost daily waiting for its return.
My only news source has been the Nintendo News thingy on the Switch. Miss the site. Happy new year everyone!

Happy New Year!
Adorable pic of RMC and MomBrain!

I can't wait to ditch the news site I've been using in GoNintendo's absence. Its output and community just pale in comparison to GN of yore.

I won't name the website but it rhymes with BintendoLife.

Both happy and sceptical to the new site, but I am mostly excited and damn curious! So ou have my mixed bag shaking here.

But that is of little importance now. What really counts is: Let's make 2022 a damn fun year!

Happy New Year! Smile


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