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Next DS redesign revealed to have camera, music playback, and more? *bumped to the top*

by rawmeatcowboy
27 September 2008
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Bumped this to the top of the page, considering that it’s a pretty hot topic of discussion right now!

Wired has posted an article

and Nikkei has an article as well. Sounding pretty damn real! I will keep it marked rumor just incase…I’m hoping for a Nintendo confirmation soon.

Article translation thanks to reader, Ruben!: Nintendo will release a new style Nintendo DS by the end of this year. For the first time a camera will be built into a portable device, and
music playback is also possible. With enhanced wireless communication, it suggests it will be used as an information terminal. Since the DS has appeared on the market 4 years ago it has reached a sales number of 77 million units worldwide. It seems that the new style Nintendo DS will cross over from the gaming handheld industry and compete with the cellphone industry. (translators note: this last sentence is speculation by the author and NOT a fact!)

With the camera, pictures that you take can be used in games. Music can be captured from CD’s and such and played back on the new style DS. (translators note: these two sentences are again speculation)


If this is a fake, it’s a pretty damn elaborate fake…with sources to back up the info with. I am not saying that it couldn’t be faked…but if it is, someone went through a lot of trouble.


Nintendo DS Next model
- (digital) Camera included
- music playback function
- Wireless connection function power up
- larger screen
- to be released this year in Japan
- under 20000 yen
- new types of games by using the camera
- get/exchange data from Wii and SD card (SD card slot included?)

Huge thanks to nintendo_link2006 for the heads up!