The Conduit - even more multiplayer details (WiiSpeak functionality specifics revealed)

- online headcount was brought down from 16 players to 12 in order to keep things running smoothly
- Free for All mode: players frag each other until a predetermined frag count is met
- Marathon mode: get as many kills as you can in a certain time limit
- Three Strikes: play a match with only 3 lives to spare
- Last Man Standing: be the last man standing
- ASE Football: the player that holds onto the ASE the longest wins
- Bounty Hunter: take out specific targets, lose points for taking out wrong targets
- Team Reaper: play Quick Match and Marathon with sides
- Shared Stock: teammates share lives from a team pool
- Team Objective: capture the flag style, but with the ASE replacing a flag
- Team Objective 2: one ASE in a level, grab it and bring it back to your base to score
- WiiSpeak supported, but you’ll only hear the players that are actually standing close to you in the game
- at peak WiiSpeak saturation, you’ll hear the 6 closest players

Thanks to Greenyz for the heads up!


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