Dr. Mario World gets a Famitsu print ad

Dr. Mario World seems to be on the lower end of Nintendo's popular mobile games, but Nintendo isn't done reaching out to audiences. The game has just gotten a new print ad in the latest issue of Famitsu, which is sure to attract a few more people to try it out.

Dr. Mario World - content update for Oct. 17th, 2019

[Stage Mode] The latest set of stages is now available. This one adds 20 new stages to World 7 (stages 301 to 320). The clear reward is: Staff Ticket x1 (no end date)

[Log-in Bonus] As compensation for the extended maintenance that took place on October 17th, all players who started playing before it began can now claim the following as special Log-in Bonus: Heart x10 (available until October 31st)

[Events] A new Event is now live: Collect Clear Stars! While it’s running, you can receive various rewards by collecting clear stars (available until October 24th)

[Issues] There is currently an issue preventing users from getting the rewards for linking Nintendo Account and social media accounts. Impacted players will receive a special Log-in Bonus at a later date (no end date)

Dr. Mario World getting new stages on Oct. 17th, 2019

The next big update for Dr. Mario World arrives on Oct. 17th, 2019. This update will include 20 new stages for World 7. There's likely to be other content released on that same day, and we'll bring you full notes on the update when they become available.

Check out pics from Nintendo Live 2019's Dr. Mario World booth

The doctor is in

Nintendo Live 2019 had a number of different demos and content for fans to check out, including a Dr. Mario World booth. You can check out some pics of what that booth had to offer in the gallery above.

Dr. Mario World - content update for Oct. 12th, 2019

[Issues] Two issues are currently impacting the Clinic Event, and will be fixed asap:

- When you finish an already cleared stage, you cannot get a heart, but a heart is displayed as an acquired item on the result screen

- If the same items are acquired in a very short period of time, the number of the acquired items may not be displayed correctly

Dr. Mario World - content updates for October 10, 2019

- first Clinic Event is now live, and it features Toad. Clear stages in both phases in order to earn various rewards (available until October 17)

Dr. Mario World - content update for Oct. 9th, 2019

[Issues] As of Ver. 1.1.1, there is an issue causing some Doctor’s Orders to have objective status that cannot be completed. If you get one of those, it’s recommended to delete them.

[Log-in Bonus] As compensation for the issue impacting some Doctor’s Orders, all players who started playing before October 8th can get the following as special Log-in Bonus: Coin x1000 (available until October 22nd)

Dr. Mario World - "Newly Added Doctors & Assistants" trailer for Oct. 4th, 2019

Doctor, Doctor...give me the news!

You already know that Dr. Rosalina and Dr. Luma are joining Dr. Mario World, but what assistants are in today's update? Check out who's on the way in the trailer above!

Dr. Luma being added to Dr. Mario World on Oct. 4th, 2019

Paging Dr. Luma

Dr. Rosalina was announced for Dr. Mario World yesterday, and now we know that Dr. Luma is going to join her as well. Both characters will be coming to the game at 4 AM ET on Oct. 4th, 2019. You'd think Luma would be a good assistant character, but I guess Nintendo felt different!

Dr. Mario World getting new stages, doctors, and assistants on Oct. 4th, 2019

How about Dr. Birdo? ...or Dr. Wart?

A new wave of content is coming to Dr. Mario World tomorrow. Check out the early notes on what will be included.

[Stage Mode] A brand new World has been added to Stage Mode: World 8. It includes 20 new stages (stages 281 to 300). If you clear it, you will get a new Assistant: ???! (no end date)

[Doctors] New Doctors have been added to the roster: ???. Some Assistants have also been added: ??? (no end date)


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