SNES Classic Edition - First look at the menu, games include rewind feature and borders

The latest promo video for the SNES Classic Edition shows off some new features we didn't know the system included. There's a pretty nifty rewind/fast-forward feature for when you're playing. There's also borders for games when you play to fill out the screen a bit more. There's also a first-look at the user interface and other options like scanlines and more.

Random Time! - The solar eclipse, seen through a Game Boy Camera

I took a picture of the eclipse with my Gameboy Camera

Well, that actually looks a lot cooler than I imagined it would. I mean, it's also really low-res and a bit of a mess, but I can appreciate it for what it is. A different way to look at something we were all focused on, and a unique way to capture it forever.

Looking back at the original Legend of Zelda manga - video feature

That's a pretty interesting/unique art style for the manga. I always love getting a look at how artists interpreted games before companies had art styles really locked into place. I wouldn't mind seeing the game series take on a look like this for an upcoming installment!

Ratalaika revealing new Switch game tomorrow

Between Circle and Ratalaika, we have 3 Switch reveals coming tomorrow! Circle will most likely be localizing games we already know of, but Ratalaika is bringing something brand-new!

Sonic Forces - more character art, Drop Dash included

Cool to know the Drop Dash is carrying over from Sonic Mania into Forces. I am still a bit worried about the game, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks to Lars for the heads up!