Believe it or not, its been a full year since Xenoblade Chronicles 3 received its 4th and final wave of DLC, titled Future Redeemed. In honor of the one-year anniversary, Xenoblade Chronicles character designer Masatsugu Saito shared the new piece of artwork above.

For those who don’t know, the Future Redeemed DLC offers a brand new original story scenario with a new main character and details events taking place before Xenoblade Chronicles 3. This completely original story tells a yet untold tale connecting all three of the main games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series.

In this adventure, new protagonist Matthew sets out with his ally “A” in a search for his missing sister and survivors from the city of Swordmarch following its devastation at the hands of Moebius.

Discover newly-added systems like Union Combos, enabling two characters to team up, and Affinity Goals that power up your characters based on the experiences they have along their journey.


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