Pokemon X/Y - Serena G.E.M. figurine pics

This Serena figurine doesn't come out in Japan until April of 2018. You can check out a few more pics right here!

Pokemon GO Travel takes the Global Catch Challenge to Lake Yamanaka, Japan, 2 billion Pokemon caught this week

The Pokémon GO Travel hosts take the Global Catch Challenge to Lake Yamanaka at the foot of Mt. Fuji, the perfect spot for hiking, hatching, and catching Magikarp.

Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King - more screens

If you're looking for an old-school Zelda fix, it looks like Blossom Tales is going to be just that. Pretty pumped for this one. Remember, it's going to be a Switch exclusive!

Daisenryaku Daitoua Koboshi DX ~Dainiji Sekai Taisen~ heading to 3DS

- coming from SystemSoft Alpha
- World War II themed strategy game
- due out in Japan Spring 2018, priced at ¥7,020
- original (non-DX version) game was initially set to release for 3DS in 2014, but was recently cancelled

Order Land! demo, full game update hitting Switch in Japan next week

Order Land! may have failed to meet its funding goal for localization, but the devs aren't giving up on the title. They'll be releasing a demo for the Japanese version on the Switch eShop next week. The demo will launch alongside a Ver 1.0.2 update for those who have the full game. You can check out more screens from the game here.