Uncanny Valley coming soon to Switch, launching with 50% discount

14 December 2018 – Indie publisher Digerati and developer Cowardly Creations are pleased to announce the unnerving story-driven horror of Uncanny Valley is creeping its way to Nintendo Switch.

Players will be able to explore its mysterious facility, uncover dark and terrifying secrets, and face narrative-altering consequences when Uncanny Valley releases on 25 December, along with a 50% launch discount.

Since its initial release on PC in 2015, Uncanny Valley has earned acclaim for its effective approach to horror and compelling story.

About the game

Welcome to Uncanny Valley – an unsettling story-driven survival horror where nothing is as it seems. Explore an isolated facility and solve its many mysteries, but be warned: the choices you make have meaningful consequences that will determine your fate. Play through multiple times to reveal all of Uncanny Valley’s darkest secrets.

You play as Tom, a security guard working the night shift at an abandoned facility in the middle of nowhere. Already troubled by disturbing dreams, Tom’s reality takes a terrifying twist as he explores the eerie offices and corridors of the facility and begins to uncover the shocking secrets hidden within its walls…

Consequence System

Rather than failure always being greeted by death, Uncanny Valley uses a consequence system which imposes lasting effects on the player. For example, a mistake may result in a broken arm, which in-turn presents problems when trying to use a weapon.

This changing dynamic impacts story and gameplay, requires players to rethink their approach to certain situations, and ensures a chilling sense of ever-present uneasiness.

Key Features

A huge, creepy facility to explore
Ominous and oppressive atmosphere
Compelling story with rich characters
Multiple endings to discover
Consequences which impact story and gameplay

Dragalia Lost releases Chapter 7 story content and festive new updates this month

This month, several free updates to Dragalia Lost, Nintendo's first original IP created exclusively for smart devices, will bring a treasure chest full of holiday cheer and new content to Alberia, including the introduction of the game's first new story content to release since launch.

The first set of in-game content launches Dec. 17 and will include:
"The Miracle of Dragonyule" Facility Event - From Dec. 17 to Dec. 26, Yuletrees decorate the town as people eagerly await the arrival of Saint Starfall, but fiends have come to ruin the Dragonyule festivities. Players can acquire a Yuletree, an event-specific facility that powers up water-element adventurers, and will want to use their water-element adventurers during special boss battles, daily battles and challenge battles for a chance to earn event-exclusive in-game items and rewards.
"Dragonyule Defenders" Summon Showcase - From Dec. 17 to Dec. 30, players will have the opportunity to summon limited-time adventurers, dragons and wyrmprints, including Cleo (Dragonyule Version), Nefaria (Dragonyule Version), Xander (Dragonyule Version), Jeanne d'Arc (Dragonyule Version) and more.
"High Brunhilda" Event Quest - The new high-difficulty event quest, High Brunhilda, will be added to Advanced Dragon Trials. Players will be able to test their skills against the Mistress of Crimson, the Inferno Clad, in her true form.
Other Bonuses - Various in-game bonuses for players to enjoy will be added, including year-end login bonuses and a reset of Social Rewards for playing co-op.
On Dec. 27, Dragalia Lost will also release its first new story chapter since launch. Chapter 7 of the main story, Trek to the Aquapolis, follows Euden and company as they set out for Saint Lotier, a city of water with an unexpected ruler.

Developed in partnership with Cygames, Dragalia Lost is a free-to-start game where players must unite with powerful dragons and assemble a customized party of adventurers to save the Kingdom of Alberia. By engaging in real-time battles using intuitive touch-screen controls, players can let loose powerful attacks and transform into a mighty dragon to conquer mysterious evil forces. They can also share the experience with up to three friends in synchronous online multiplayer to battle through the game's main story adventure, additional quests and special Raid Events.

Atari Flashback Classics Introduces a Collection of 150 Atari Favorites to Switch

NEW YORK, NY (DECEMBER 14, 2018) - Atari®, one of the world's most iconic consumer brands and interactive entertainment producers, today brings their most comprehensive collection of arcade and home console classics for Nintendo Switch with the release of Atari® Flashback Classics. Available now through the Nintendo eShop and at retail, Atari Flashback Classics is packed with 150 fan-favorite Atari games, including Asteroids®, Centipede®, and Missile Command®, all with additional content and online features!

For the first time ever, Atari Flashback Classics is available on Nintendo Switch! Dive into the legendary publisher’s iconic library of games — with titles from the Atari 2600 and Atari 5200 home consoles, along with former arcade exclusives. Atari Flashback Classics features support for all-new local achievements, leaderboards, and social features to bring players together just like in the olden days. An archive of classic artwork rounds out the package to make Atari Flashback Classics a must-have for enthusiasts and collectors!

Atari Flashback Classics is designed to take advantage of the Nintendo Switch’s unique controls and functionality to bring new life to beloved games. Up to four-player local multiplayer and two-player online is available as well on a per title basis.

Key Features Include:

150 Classic Atari 2600, 5200 and Arcade Games: Play seminal Atari titles including Asteroids®, Centipede®, Missile Command®, Pong®, Tempest®, Warlords®, and many more.
Online and Local Multiplayer: Battle for arcade supremacy against friends online or at home.
Online Leaderboards: Compare your high scores with players from around the world.
Nintendo Switch Functionality: Designed to take advantage of the Nintendo Switch’s greatest features.
Brand New User-Interface: New User-Interface designed to re-create the greatest classic arcade experience.

Developed by Code Mystics, Atari Flashback Classics is now available for purchase through the Nintendo eShop for $39.99 USD. Atari Flashback Classics is rated E for Everyone for Mild Cartoon Violence and Simulated Gambling. To learn more about Atari Flashback Classics, please visit: www.Atari.com.

Diablo III: Eternal Collection - 'On the go!' commercial

Whether you’re stuck in traffic, out for a walk, or have some downtime between classes – raise some hell anytime, anywhere with Diablo III: Eternal Collection on Nintendo Switch!

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!

Explosive wave based single screen shooter “Horizon Shift ‘81” to be released worldwide on the Switch Dec. 20th, 2018

Chesterfield, December 14th, 2018 – International Publisher FUNBOX MEDIA LTD today announce that in association with KISS LTD and TIGA award nominated developers, FLUMP STUDIOS, the digital release of HORIZON SHIFT ’81 on the Nintendo eShop, on December 20th

Horizon Shift '81 is an explosive wave based single screen shooter (shmups) with a real Retro feel to it. You can even play the game in Tate / vertical / portrait screen mode.

The player controls a ship in the centre of the screen, enemies approach from the top and bottom and the player is able to switch up and down to deal with the encroaching hoard.

Different enemies react differently when they reach the horizon, some sit on the horizon, some destroy sections of the horizon and some run up and down the horizon. The player is equipped with a dash attack where they can knock enemies off the horizon and smash them into other incoming enemies for a score bonus. Dashing an enemy of the line refills the dash metre allowing for ‘Dash chaining’, this is where the big points are scored.

The player is also able to jump (jumping upside down is an interesting new challenge) and is equipped with a bomb which wipes the screen of enemies as well as restoring the horizon.

Epic goes after Fortnite leakers with cease-and-desist

Epic has taken a very big step when it comes to stopping Fortnite leaks. The company is now sending out cease-and-desist letters to a number of notable Fortnite dataminers/leakers, claiming that leaking the content "spoils the game for millions of people who play and/or watch Fortnite, and negatively impacts those who work hard to create and update Fortnite." Looks like finding out Fortnite info early might be a lot harder in the coming months!

Plant Bamboo in Minecraft, Help Real-Life Pandas

It’s official! Pandas are now in Minecraft on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10 Edition, VR, iOS and Android! It’s the kind of great news that makes us want to celebrate by dancing and singing! Or – better idea – celebrate by supporting an amazing nonprofit, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) – also known as World Wide Fund for Nature outside of the US – that help protect pandas. Yeah, let’s do that instead!

WWF is known for their amazing conservation efforts all over the world. Their work with pandas includes researching and monitoring their habitats (can you imagine the video highlights?!), creating bamboo corridors that help pandas travel to protected areas where they can feed and mate freely, as well as working with communities to help engage them in panda conservation.

This is just a small part of the great work WWF is doing, and we want in! That’s why we’re launching a new campaign in Minecraft. Once our players have collectively placed 10 million bamboo blocks in Minecraft, we’ll donate 100,000 dollars to WWF to help support all their important work!

We’re confident this donation isn’t a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. Last summer, when we promised to donate 100,000 dollars to The Nature Conservancy if you placed 10 million coral blocks, you managed it in a matter of days! How quickly can you reach the goal this time? We can’t wait to find out and we’ll update our Twitter as soon as you do!.

Before you’re ready to start placing bamboo blocks in Minecraft, perhaps you’d like to look the part? Well, we’re here to help! Today, we’re launching the Paws and Claws Cosplay Pack, letting you look a little more like a sneezing panda, or as swish as a Siamese cat! Give yourself an unfurgettable makeover with 17 cat and panda skins, with 62.5% of the sales going straight to WWF and their amazing work protecting pandas, their habitats and other vulnerable species. Purrrfect!

Full details here

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country Original Soundtrack now available

Just as Nintendo said it would, the Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country Original Soundtrack is now available to purchase. The only option here in the states and in Europe is the digital one. If you're looking to grab that download, snatch it up on iTunes right here.

Thanks to NintenDaan for the heads up!

Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers of the New World - another batch of screens

Check out more screens here

In Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers of the New World players assume the role of young noblewoman, Nelke von Lestamm; tasked with building up the quaint village of Westwald into a prosperous city. For her to develop buildings and extend the size of Westwald, she will need to earn money from the businesses she runs or sell synthesized items for cash.