Dragalia Lost - content update for Dec. 15th, 2019

[Event Quests] A new set of Quests has been added to the Mercurial Gauntlet: The Mercurial Gauntlet (light): Lv. 51-55 (no end date)

Fire Emblem Heroes - content update for Dec. 15th, 2019

[Summoning Focus] A Summoning Focus is now back: Weekly Revival 8. It features the following Heroes: Katarina (Wayward One), Minerva (Red Dragoon), and Genny (Endearing Ally) (available until December 22nd)

Crop simulation game "Gunma’s Ambition -You and me are Gunma-" hitting Switch in Japan on Dec. 23rd, 2019

Crop-dusting the Switch

G-mode have announced plans to release their crop-gathering simulation game Gunma’s Ambition -You and me are Gunma- to Switch on Dec. 23rd, 2019. The game is priced at ¥980, with preloads now live at 30% off (¥686). The game requires 53 MB and supports both Japanese and English.

Real-time card battle game Kadobat Wars Project coming to Switch

A new release in the cards

Ittaro has announced plans to bring the real time card battle game Kadobat Wars Project to Switch in 2020. This is a sequel to the original Kadobat Wars game released worldwide in 2018.

Did You Know Gaming - Switch Rumors

Did you know?

In this video, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at the history of Nintendo Switch rumors, including the 'Nintendo Fusion' hoax, and rumors of Nintendo collaborating with Xbox.

SELF coming to Switch on Jan. 16th, 2020

I lost mySELF

SELF is a suspenseful Kafkaesque text-based adventure game with simulation and puzzle mechanics.

My father has vanished, yet I seem to be the only one who has noticed. Even my own mother is completely indifferent to his absence. The journey I must embark upon to bring him back is one that can only be traveled alone.

In this introspective adventure, you must collect clues from throughout your journey and piece them together to find out the whole story. But— will you seize the opportunity to find your SELF?

Key Facts

- Platform: Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS4 (later 2020)
- Release Date: January 16th, 2020
- Genre: Adventure, Psychological, Word Game
- Developer: dobell
- Publisher: indienova

SELF comes to the Switch on Jan. 16th, 2020. No word on pricing at this time.

WWE Superstar Xavier Woods waxes philosophic about the world of Pokemon

It's a dangerous Pokemon world out there!

WWE Superstar Xavier Woods is currently out on injury, so he has a lot of time to dive deep into some of his favorite hobbies. As some know, Woods is big into the world of video games, and that includes Pokemon. In the clip above, Woods goes over his thoughts after re-watching the very first episode of the Pokemon anime, and he sees things quite differently as an adult!

Latest Sonic the Hedgehog movie promo features a joke about The Rock, and The Rock responds

The Rock smells what Sonic's cooking

A new promo video has been released for the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie, and it includes a quick joke about The Rock. Not sure why Sonic wants to know what The Rock is up to, or how he even knows who The Rock is, but that's besides the point. Turns out Sonic can easily get his question answered, as it reached The Rock himself.

Finally, rounding out the saga for now, the director of the Sonic movie has offered the Rock a cameo in the film.

Talking Xenoblade Chronicles 2 with the Voice of Pyra & Mythra, Skye Bennett!

To celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 we're joined by Skye Bennet (The voice behind both Pyra & Mythra)! Join us as we find out more about Skye, how she got involved with the role, and her experiences bringing Pyra & Mythra to life!

Digital Foundry - Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire Revisited on N64 and PC

Does it hold up?

Released at the tail-end of 1996 during Nintendo 64's launch window, Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire gained massive attention owing to some phenomenal graphics - but there was a PC version too that was arguably even prettier... if you had the right hardware. Join John Linneman for a retrospective on Shadows of the Empire on N64, along with detailed analysis of the PC version, running on contemporary hardware!


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