Square Enix has announced that a popular line of Kingdom Hearts jewelry is about to make its return to Japan.

Official Kingdom Hearts rings and necklaces are returning to the Square Enix Japan Store, and they’re set to ship out on Sept. 21st, 2024. The returning items include Kingdom Hearts crown and heart necklaces and two monogram rings.

With the necklaces, there are two variations; a silver version priced at $125 and an 18 karat gold version for $543. Customers can choose the stone they’d like included on the crown, with the following options available:

  • Aquamarine – Aqua
  • Blue Sapphire – Riku
  • Blue Topaz – Sora
  • Citrine – Terra
  • Garnet – Axel
  • Onyx – Shion
  • Orange Sapphire – Roxas
  • Peridot – Ventus
  • Pink Tourmaline – Kairi
  • White Sapphire – Namine

As for the rings, there are silver, plated gold, rose gold, and black options. There will be a standard-sized ring for $124 or a wide option for $138. If you’d like to check out all of the necklace options, you can find a gallery here. As for the rings, you can get a closer look here.

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