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ATLUS has started off what will be a very lengthy video series for Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance. This series is going to offer up a video a day to showcase every single monster you’ll find in the game. Today starts up the line of videos with a look at Nahobeeho. You can learn all about the monster above, and we’ll keep updating this post with subsequent videos as the series continues.

Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance delivers a full-fledged RPG that can be enjoyed by existing and new fans. At the start of the game, players will choose between two paths: the story told in the original Shin Megami Tensei V, the Canon of Creation, or the brand-new Canon of Vengeance. This dramatic new tale of revenge introduces brand-new characters, an enigmatic cohort of demons called the Qadištu, a new dungeon and a new map to explore. Additionally, the original Shin Megami Tensei V battle system, demon merging and field exploration have been evolved and expanded in this newest entry in the series.

UPDATE: The second video in this series has been released and you can check out the latest monster profile below. Today’s video spotlights Glasya-Labolas.

UPDATE: The third video in this series has been released and you can check out the latest monster profile below. Today’s video spotlights Pellaidh.

UPDATE: The fourth video in this series has been released and you can check out the latest monster profile below. Today’s video spotlights Amabie.

UPDATE: The fifth video in this series has been released and you can check out the latest monster profile below. Today’s video spotlights Artemis.

UPDATE: The sixth video in this series has been released and you can check out the latest monster profile below. Today’s video spotlights Kaichi.

Believe it or not, Lube joins us again for his second show within a month’s time! He’s here to get in on the Indie World Showcase recap, chatter about the Spy x Family movie, and much more. On top of that, I share details on a throwback 64-style platformer that you really shouldn’t miss!


Gravity Circuit has been updated to Ver. 1.1.1a. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

  • Added an on/off toggle for manual slides (down+jump)
  • Added big medals when perfecting a stage
  • Improved stage load times
  • Other small performance tweaks
  • Various gameplay tweaks, and bug and localization fixes


With the same display-grade, ultra-premium, precision die-cast metal construction as The Wand Company’s fan-favorite range of Poké Ball replicas, this exquisitely finished Mini Great Ball replica gives fans and Trainers the opportunity to collect a set of Poké Balls in a miniature size! Its touch- and proximity-sensing light-up feature adds to the realism, and it comes with a touch-controlled, Mini Great-Ball-sensing display stand featuring a multicolor illuminated Pokémon logo and a multicolor illuminated display ring. This replica can also be displayed on its own collectible silver-plated, authentically struck token featuring Charmander silhouettes.

  • Includes die-cast Mini Great Ball replica, matte black display stand with illuminated Pokémon logo, silver-plated display token featuring Charmander silhouettes, illustrated manual, and batteries
  • Authentically designed to mirror the details of a Great Ball in miniature size
  • Compact size is perfect for display on desks, shelves, or in glass cabinets without taking up much space Proximity- and touch-sensing light-up feature
  • Button illuminates in white, green, or red as your hand gets close to the Mini Great Ball; pressing the button initiates a catching sequence or changes its color
  • LED display lighting adds a captivating, uplit glow for an enchanting and realistic appearance
  • Includes an additional display option: a unique, collectible silver-plated token featuring different Pokémon silhouettes for each Mini Poké Ball variant
  • Individually numbered and officially licensed

The Mini Great Ball by The Wand Company is available for $60 via the Pokémon Center website.


An update is available for Death Trick: Double Blind. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

  • Updated AP system. Moving location now doesn’t cost AP.
  • Fixed controller issues where input is sometimes invalid.
  • Corrected text errors.


An update is available for The Last Hero of Nostalgaia. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

New Features

  • The Shopkeeper’s Goodbye – a new, final scene with the shopkeeper, for players who have found and returned all of his missing keys.
  • Fast Travel – in the late game, to assist with accessing DLC content and finishing any lore puzzles.
  • A new music track for Heartflow Altar – Just a subtle one, because it was needed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a typo.
  • Fixed an issue where killing “NPC Hero” type enemies (anti-heroes, agroed friendly NPCS) while they were frozen didn’t quite work properly.
  • Altered the Spear’s light one handed attack animation to prevent it from missing occasionally.
  • Improved the code that governs aiming up/down, while targeting enemies on a ramp. Attack animations are now more accurate.
  • Fixed a bug where the Spirit’s Greatsword was being treated as a regular sword.

Aksys Games is bringing the visual novel Tales from Toyotoki: Arrival of the Witch to the Switch sometime this Summer. Today brings us a new trailer for the game ahead of its arrival and you can check it out above.

Hikaru finds himself out of luck and homeless on an Island he doesn’t know. While avoiding pit vipers and angry senior committee members he comes across a witch in a very similar situation. The two set out to survive and hopefully thrive on the uncompromising Island of Toyotoki. An island secluded from the modern world, steeped in ancient traditions and shrouded in mystery.

Making a space for themselves on the island won’t be easy, and along the way they find others trying to find their way just as much. An energetic rich girl, a clumsy saleswoman, and a manga loving delinquent all trying to figure out what they want to do. Maybe with some hard work and just a bit of magic they can find out and unravel the mystery of Toyotoki Island.

Key features

  • Coming of age story about overcoming hardships and finding yourself
  • Immersive voice-acting performances by the main cast
  • Unravel a mystery stretching back hundreds of years
  • Beautiful character art


Ever wonder what is the best combination of kart pieces and racers is in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe? There are plenty of conversations online from people who claim to know the top pick, but that’s a little hard to believe due to there being over 700k possible combinations. Thankfully, now we have a definitive answer, and it comes from one very dedicated data scientist.

Antoine Mayerowitz set out to find the best of the best in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which led him to discover that there are 703,560 different build options, but when duplicates are taken out, players have 25,704 distinct statistical options to pick from. That’s still a ton of choosing to do, so which combination will give you the best shot at first place? Turns out pro players have been onto something for years now.

With all the numbers crunched, we’ve seen that a Peach build is the way to go. In particular, going with Peach, the Teddy Buggy, Roller tyres and the Cloud Glider will get you the best chance at securing victory. This build is optimized for every single attribute, so if all that matters to you is getting first place and not who your racer/kart is, this is the way to go.

Mayerowitz has a LOT more data to offer in his full study, and it’s all presented in rather gorgeous fashion. If you want to dive deeper in the mechanics of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, you can find his full analysis here.


A very unique Nintendo collaboration has just been announced for Japan, and it’s something fans of Mario and Luigi will definitely want to check out.

Nintendo and Studio Alice have teamed up for a set of Mario and Luigi kimonos for kids. These Mario and Luigi designs are only available for Studio Alice locations, and they’re not actually up for purchase. These kimonos will be at Studio Alice locations for kids to wear during photography sessions. The kimonos are meant for children aged three to five, with sizes ranging from 100-110 cm.

To go along with the Mario and Luigi kimonos, Studio Alice will also offer Mario-themed photo collection books, which will obviously be the perfect way to collect and display the Mario and Luigi photos that are taken.


Today marks the International release of ARK: THE ANIMATED SERIES in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Latin America, Brazil, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

ARK: THE ANIMATED SERIES is an all-new original series based on the hit-survival game ARK: Survival Evolved created by Studio Wildcard. The first six episodes of ARK: THE ANIMATED SERIES are now available to stream exclusively on Paramount+ in the United States, Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Latin America, Brazil, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

The animated series voice cast includes Oscar® winners Michelle Yeoh (Everything Everywhere All at Once) and Russell Crowe (The Loudest Voice), Gerard Butler (Plane), David Tennant (Doctor Who), Oscar nominees Jeffrey Wright (American Fiction) and Elliot Page (The Umbrella Academy), Madeleine Madden (The Wheel of Time), and Vin Diesel (Fast & Furious franchise).

An animated adaptation of the hit video game featuring Yeoh, Butler, Crowe and Diesel, ARK: THE ANIMATED SERIES is a sweeping saga spanning eons of human history. When 21st century paleontologist Helena Walker (Madden) finds herself resurrected on a mysterious primeval island populated by prehistoric beasts, she must learn to survive with new allies from throughout time, while trying to uncover the true nature of their strange new world.

[Press release]


As was announced at the start of the month, the next Splatoon 3 Splatfest asks players to choose which fuzzy fluffiness they like the most: Baby Chicks, Li’l Bunnies, or Bear Cubs. The Splatfest officially kicks off today and runs for the weekend, and now Nintendo has shared some celebratory art for hte occassion.

Nintendo has a history of releasing artwork to coincide with each Splatfest, and this one is no different. The piece of art for the fluffy-themed Splatfest happens to be extra cute, and there’s no doubt the imagery will fuel those heading to the battlefield later today. Have you decided which side you’re on yet?

This Splatfest comes to a close on April 21st, 2024 at 5:00 PM PT. The results will be revealed later that night, and we’ll be sure to share them with you as soon as the winners are crowned!

Nintendo shares a new Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door trailer

The GameCube classic is looking better than ever

19 April 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Ahead of its May 23rd, 2024 release, Nintendo has been sharing various videos on social media for Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Today brings us another of those trailers, and you can see how this remake is coming along in the video above!

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, the nefarious X-Nauts are after the treasure behind the Thousand-Year Door! With a map from Princess Peach, and the help of a few locals, Mario journeys through a colorful world made of paper to find them first.

To prevail in this quest, you’ll have to level up Mario and his friends, master timing-based attacks and badges to impress the audience on the stage of combat, and make use of all the abilities that come with being cursed—er, conveniently made of paper—like folding into a plane to cross big gaps or turning sideways to slip through narrow openings.


Nintendo hosted an Indie World Showcase earlier this week, and it brought us 20+ minutes of titles coming to Switch throughout 2024. It was a pretty fast-paced presentation, making it a little hard to keep up with everything showcased. If you’re having trouble remembering everything shown, no need to worry, as Nintendo’s got a solution.

Nintendo has shared a special infographic recapping every single game that was featured during this week’s Indie World Showcase, and seeing all the games in one place is pretty staggering. From franchise revivals and brand-new titles to shadow drops, there was a lot to get excited about!

If you’d like an even deeper look at everything that was showing during the Indie World Showcase but you don’t have the time to watch the full presentation, you can read through our complete recap here.


There’s never a dull moment in the world of Pokémon. No matter where you live, there’s always something Pokémon-related going on, and we’re breaking down the latest news on events, merch and more for the dedicated Pokémon fans out there.

First up is the above line of TeraCute and TeraCOOL line. As you might have guessed, the TeraCute line focuses on cute Pokémon while the TearCOOL line spotlights cool Pokémon. Wondering how the cute and cool Pokémon were chosen? Unfortunately, no specifics were given, so it seems Pokémon Co. just made the decision on their own! This merch line includes shirts, accessories, and household items with a jewel and precious metals motif, and it’s set to arrive in Pokémon Center locations April 27th, 2024.


Next comes a set of Poké Ball-shaped room projector lights. These projects have two different modes, with one showcasing various Pokémon and the other mode acting as a basic night light. There are 7 different Poké Ball projector designs to choose from, and they all launch in Japan April 27th, 2024. There’s even a complementary line of Terastal Pokémon keychains to go with this series!


Need something to help those rainy-day blues go away? How about a line of Pokémon rainy day gear that includes a bag cover, umbrella holder, a handle cover and much more. This series of rain gear features Water-Type Pokémon and will be available at Pokémon Centers in Japan starting April 27th, 2024.


First 4 Figures has an extremely good working relationship with Nintendo, as the company has released all sorts of statues based on Nintendo’s biggest and brightest franchises. That relationship seems rock-solid, as the two companies are teaming up once again to release a statue, and this time it’s for an Animal Crossing favorite.

First 4 Figures has announced that they’re working on an Animal Crossing: New Horizons “Isabelle” statue, and pre-orders are set to go live on May 2nd, 2024. Unfortunately, First 4 Figures hasn’t shown anything at all for the statue, so we’ll have to hold out a bit longer to get our first look.

First 4 Figures did say that there will be two different version of the Isabelle statue up for grabs, and they will be 9 and 10-inch versions. As for other differences and pricing information, that to will have to wait until closer to launch. As soon as we get any other details, we’ll be sure to share them with you.