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Animal Well has been out for a few days now and has already made it’s mark as a must have indie on the Switch. One of the many high marks given to the game is it’s astounding and relaxing soundtrack, so relaxing you’d probably want to have it on loop all day, luckily the game’s publisher has got you covered.

The BIGMODE Games Official YouTube Channel have shared the above 1 hour loop of the save room theme from the game. Now you can relax, study, or work to the flowing ambience of the game’s capybara save room.

It’s always nice when game music is officially shared for players to listen at their leisure and we’ll be sure to keep you posted if any more songs from the game are shared, or any news about Animal Well in general.

Animal Well is available now for Nintendo Switch.

UPDATE: A second video in this series has been released, and you can find that below.

Nintendo have announced the first “Come Dive With Us” event for Endless Ocean Luminous is set for May 15th at 3:00 PM PT. This event welcomes all divers to take a swim and explore the vast depths in groups of up to 30 divers, more details down below.

If a group of fish is called a school, what’s the name for a group of fun-loving divers? On May 15, you could decide for yourself when diving into a creator-led livestream event for the Endless Ocean Luminous game.

Introducing “Come Dive With Us,” a moment for our community to take a deep breath and plunge into the Veiled Sea in Endless Ocean Luminous, where you can explore with fellow divers in Shared Dives with groups of up to 30 players online.

Kicking off on select content creator channels May 15, 2024 at 3 p.m. PT, “Come Dive With Us” is an opportunity for the community to experience an undersea world filled with exotic sea life, hidden treasures and a sensory soundscape – all at the same time. To participate, tune in to creator-led streams, start your own Shared Dive with others (Nintendo Switch Online membership required), or even jump into a Solo Dive in Endless Ocean Luminous between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. PT. Use #ComeDiveWithUs on Twitch and X to get connected.

As you dive through the Veiled Sea, you’ll find numerous reasons to return to the mysterious world. Swim through freshwater, saltwater and even frozen environments within Endless Ocean Luminous to check off your diving to-do list and unlock suit colors, stickers and friendly gestures you can use to greet diving buddies!

To make your descent even easier, you will receive a Nintendo eShop code (either in a packed-in pamphlet if you purchased the physical version or by email if you purchased digitally) for a free 7-day trial of Nintendo Switch Online upon purchase of Endless Ocean Luminous.

The Endless Ocean Luminous game is available now at select retailers, at and in Nintendo eShop at a suggested retail price of $49.99.

Whether you’re eager to explore or chill out, Endless Ocean Luminous will let you discover the unknown. Come dive in with us and find out!

[PR E-mail]

5-year long Joy-Con drift class action lawsuit has ended in a dismissal

A second 4-year long suit was also dismissed

13 May 2024
by jmaldonado 0

Since the Switch’s launch the infamous Joy-Con drift has plagued the system. The controller problems became so widespread and rampant that several class-action lawsuits were filed at Nintendo and have lasted for years, but it seems none have borne fruit.

Two of the longest running suits Diaz vs. Nintendo and Carbajal vs. Nintendo, filed in 2019 and 2020 respectively, are officially being ended via dismissal with prejudice by the plaintiff. This means that the families have agreed to close the case completely with no chance for reopening in the future. There is currently no word as to why the plaintiff’s have decided to move for dismissal but if new information comes to light we’ll be sure to report it here.

With Nintendo officially announcing that a new system is on the way one can only hope that they will learn from this incident and provide revamped controllers with the next system so that this issue can be left in the past.

As the years march on it’s always impressive to see how much technology improves and changes. We have computers thousands of times more powerful than the ones used on the moon landing in our pockets, journeys across the country that used to take weeks now just take a few hours, and the most important 3D platformers of all time is being remade for the Game Boy Advance.

A fan by the name of Joshua Barretto has posted a video of a work in progress remake of the acclaimed N64 title running on the Game Boy Advance. As you can see in the above video, while the game is in a rough state, it is still undoubtedly recognizable as the N64 legend. Honestly, the fact that the 3D camera is working at all is imprressive.

In the description for the YouTube upload Joshua gave some insight into the development of the project, you can read it down below.

This is not actually Super Mario 64: it’s my attempt at rewriting SM64 for the GBA.

I initially considered attempting a port, but the GBA is an order of magnitude slower than the N64 and has no GPU or native support for floating-point numbers.

So far, I’ve implemented a basic physics and collision system, along with a fully 3D camera, rasterization, texture-mapping, transparency support, etc.

Because the code is written from-scratch, I should be in a position to release the code into the public domain in the future: although I can’t distribute it with Nintendo’s assets, obviously.

[Joshua Barretto]

While there was an attempt at a port of Mario 64 to GBA a few years back that project fell by the wayside due to technical limitations so hopefully this project will bare more fruit.

Super Mario 64 is no stranger to fan made projects but it’s always fascinating to see the lengths fans will go to reshape this classic title. It’s works like these that showcase the impact of Mario 64 and we wish Joshua all the luck in remaking the game.

Feperd Games and FreakZone Games have partnered to port the beloved action platformer Spark the Electric Jester 3 to Switch. This will be the console debut of the speedy 3D platformer after it’s release on Steam back in August of 2022.

Above is a trailer showcasing the console version in action and down below is an official description from the game’s steam page. While a release date for the Switch version of Spark 3 has not been announced yet we will be sure to keep you posted when that news becomes available.

Continuing directly from where Spark the Electric Jester 2 left off, join Spark on his mission to overthrow his rival once again. Blaze through fast action packed stages and experience a new and improved combat system.

The gameplay is a mix of action and platforming in a clever way, taking elements from many games of both genres, you are able to find powers that change the way you play, enjoy great freedom of movement, discover many different ways to beat each stage, and ways to do it faster.

[Spark the Electric Jester 3 Steam Page]


Club Sandwich have announced that their upcoming project, Shuffle Tactics, will be releasing on Switch.

Shuffle Tactics is a roguelike, deck building, Tactics RPG which tasks players with combine cards sidekicks abilities to get the edge in turn-based battles. You can read up more on the game and it’s features down below!

While neither a release date or release window have been set you can bet we will report back on more news as it becomes available.

What if Final Fantasy Tactics and Slay the Spire had a baby? Build your deck, unleash powerful combos in fast paced strategic turn based battles and discover all the mysteries and horrors hidden in Asteria. Do you have what it takes to cleanse the land of its corruption and become its Ruler?

Key Features

  • Tactical turn based battles: Outwit the Corrupted Dwellers thanks to battle tactics and positioning. Shuffle Tactics offers you all the tools you need to prevail. Tactical RPG players will feel right at home
  • In-depth deckbuilding: Imbued by the Glimmer, each Hero has their own set of mechanics that you can mix and match through deckbuilding. Find the best strategies and unlock the most powerful cards as you try to cleanse the corrupted lands of Asteria, becoming a Herald of Legend.
  • Grow your bond with sidekicks: Hire unique sidekicks and grow your bond with them to unlock powerful battle mechanics. Will the perfect party lead you to victory?
  • Death is not the end: The path ahead of you is difficult, and you will die, over and over again… But it won’t be the end. A force beyond your understanding keeps bringing you back to this cursed world. Can you uncover the secrets behind this perpetual cycle?
[Club Sandwhich]

Atlus is giving out Nahobeeho Credit Card Stickers to those who sign up for the Shin Megami Tensei 5: Vengeance newsletter, Godhood Guild.

The sticker prominently features Nahobeeho, one of SMT’s iconic Jack Frost spirits now cosplaying as the main character of SMT V, Nahobino.

This offer is available until May 20th, 2024 or while supplies last so if you want to nab these stickers be sure to act fast! You can subscribe to the Godhood Guild newsletter by following the link in the Tweet above or following the link down below.

Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance is coming to Nintendo Switch June 14th, 2024.

Back in March Pokémon Go held the Pikachu’s Indonesia Journey event in Bali, Indonesia. The event allowed for players in the area and travelling abroad to play together and catch exclusive Pokémon similar to other Pokémon GO events like GO Fest.

Today, Pokémon GO have shared the above recap video looking back on the event and featuring interviews with some of the trainers in attendance. It’s easy to forget how worldwide Pokémon popularity is and seeing fans of different languages all enjoying the game together is very heartwarming.

While the event may be over it’s safe to say that the players in attendance will hold those memories dear.


The recent Pokémon GO updates have brought with them a slew of additions to the game but one that might have gotten lost in the hustle and bustle was the addition of a new yet familiar Pokémon from Scarlet and Violet.

The convergent evolution Wiglett was added to Pokémon GO to highlight the games new biomes feature, as the spotted eel Pokémon can only be found on beaches or the coastline reflecting it’s home environment in the Paldea region. This means that if Pokémon GO players want to catch themselves a wiggly friend they’ll have to hoof it to the nearest beach or lake, or so one would think.

As it turns out a lot of Pokémon GO fans are taking matters into their own hands and are manipulating the opensource mapping databases that Pokémon GO uses to make their homes beach front property. This was all discussed on a thread in the OpenStreetMap community forums, how are they so sure it’s Pokémon Go players behind these changes? Well in addition to the fact that this beach uprising started around the time of the Wiglett update many Pokémon fans were not subtle about their additions.

Image Credit: ivanbranco
Image Credit: ivanbranco

If this is all sounding a bit familiar to you that’s because similar changes happened back in 2016 when Pokémon GO was first released and at peak popularity. Many fans back then too tried to manipulate these databases to place more landmarks and thusly more PokéStops near them, all this ended with the offenders being met with the wrath of the ban hammer and it’s safe to assume a similar fate will befall these sandy shams.


We previously reported on the first content update for Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island, check it out here.

However today Spike Chunsoft has confirmed via a Pr E-mail that a second content update is planned for a Summer 2024 release. You can read their full update down below.

Second Content Update Coming Soon

A second update is in development, targeting a Summer 2024 release. This update will introduce even more new content and functional improvements. Stay tuned for further announcements regarding release and content details.

[Spike Chunsoft PR E-mail]

While that’s all they have to say for now you can bet that we’ll be here to report on the news whenever it does drop.

[PR E-mail]


Fortnite has been going strong for seven years it’s easy to forget a time when it wasn’t one of the biggest names in gaming. Coming out of nowhere during the 2017 boom of battle royale shooters Fortnite’s colorful look and quirky style captured the interest of millions and hasn’t let go since.

One must wonder what it was like viewing Fortnite’s growth from behind the scenes, well we have some insight as co-creator Donald Mustard sat down with Games Radar to give his perspective on the series’ growth, you can reads his thoughts down below.

…such a humbling experience the more I reflect on it - and even the whole time, it was an amazingly humbling experience to see that something that I’ve been able to work on with, not just with a bunch of people, a lot of the core team who made Fortnite were people I had been working with for years even decades. We have something we collectively built together and in our heads thought ‘what if we did that thing, wouldn’t it be cool’. and to see that resonate and resonate and resonate with hundreds of millions of people is staggering. And then to be able to experiment in the way that we did.

at the time […] we were just making stuff up. Even the way that we structured the pacing of a battle royale match in our world, it was largely designs to give you most of your time where you were handing out with your friends and not engaging in combat.

“The fact that it kind of worked on the scale it did is astounding and wonderful. I will cherish it forever. I have had so many unique experiences with my own family and my own friends, my own kids, playing Fortnite but then being able to talk with so many people that have been able to be entertained by it. It’ll be a cherished thing for the rest of my life. And I can’t believe I got to experience it.”

[Donald Mustard via Games Radar]


The Kickstarter for Lady Death Demonicron has reached it’s funding goal and is now set to come to Switch. The project is a collaboration between Coffin Comics and Art of Play studios.

This new retro-styled beat-em-up brings Coffin Comic’s Lady Death universe to the world of gaming with a brand-new canon story penned by original creator Brian Pulido as well as Coffin Comic’s Mike Maclean and Art of Play’s Ash Nicholls.

Inspired by 90’s greats like Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, and Mortal Kombat; Lady Death Demonicron promises to be a 15-level sword-slicing, magic-wielding, side-scrolling love letter to both the genre and the comic series.

If you’re interested in learning more about the game or are even considering chipping in to help reach one of the game’s many stretch goals we’ve included the link to the Kickstarter down below.


A few days ago we reported on how the latest patch for Tomb Raider I-III Remastered removed pinup posters from Tomb Raider III. At the time we had no clue if this was done intentionally or not but now we have an official response from the game’s developers.

Aspyr have officially commented on the matter and have clarified that this was a mistake made when updating the game’s textures and the posters will be restored in the next update. You can read the full statement down below.

Thank you to the Tomb Raider community for your continued feedback and support for Tomb Raider I-III Remastered Starring Lara Croft.

In the recently released Patch 2, we made several texture and graphical updates to the HD version. As part of these updates, the posters in Sleeping With The Fishes (The Lost Artifact) were inadvertently removed in the HD version of the game.

This has been resolved and these textures will be restored in Patch 3.


There’s no word yet on when Patch 3 will go live but when it does we’ll be sure to let you know.


Aksys Games revealed new details about Tengoku Struggle -Strayside-, the comedic fantasy otome adventure from the team that created Olympia Soirée that’s now available on Switch. Today we get a look at Kikunosuke.

Once the master thief Benten Kozo, Kikunosuke is now a shapeshifter with a voracious appetite. Will he keep things in check on the round-up with Rin? Or will his Desire win?

Hell’s prisoners have escaped to the Human Realm and you must capture & return them. Select a few prisoners to help you - but remember, these are the best of the worst…

It is year XX of the Reiwa era. Through an agreement between the Human Realm and the Hell Realm, Asakusa was transformed into a tourist attraction where the living can meet the dead. One day, the Spider’s Thread was dropped from Heaven down into Hell, allowing many of Hell’s prisoners to escape.

King Enma thus orders his novice Hell Guardian daughter, Rin, to capture the escapees along with Goemon Ishikawa and a few other trustworthy prisoners. When they descend to the Human Realm for their mission, their investigation leads them to an event held by a former prisoner of Hell, Shinobikuni, where she reveals a pardoning app that will forgive people for their sins. What is Shinobikuni’s goal? And what will become of the humans who were promised entry into Heaven?

This is a story that encompasses Heaven and Earth—what fate awaits this world?


Ver. 18.0.1 of Nintendo Switch firmware has just gone live and you can check out the full patch notes for the update down below.

  • Fixed an issue where some wireless access points cannot be found when setting up a new wireless network.
  • If you’re unable to update to Version 18.0.1 because of the issue, temporarily change the security settings for your wireless network to use only “WPA2 (AES)” so you can connect wirelessly to download and install the system update.
  • After updating to Version 18.0.1, restore your network’s security settings to its previous settings.
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.