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Minecraft on Nintendo Switch has once again been updated, particularly to fix the game crashing bug introduced in the previous update. You can read the full patch notes below.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the game to get stuck at 66% when loading at launch (MCPE-168284)
  • Fixed player names not appearing through the environment and behind walls (MCPE-168269)
  • Fixed an issue where players would load incorrect data when loading a local game after connecting to a server or Realm (MCPE-164765)
  • Players are now prompted with the option to enable text-to-speech, if supported, on first startup

McPixel 3 receiving free DLC updates

Be a Grandma's Boy!

17 March 2023
by jmaldonado 0

On Steam it was announced that free updates are coming to McPixel 3. Considering the game is on Switch as well it stands to reason that these updates will come soon. We will keep you updated for news on the Switch front but until then you can read up on all the new features coming in the updates.

McPixel 3 has been out for over three months now, and during that time I have been busy creating more crazy adventures for our little guy! Thus, I am delighted to let you know that we have some brand new Free DLC levels for you in a brand new update! When you launch the game, look for a mailbox in McBurg near the fountain to access brand new McPixel 3 levels in two Free DLC packs!

If the mailbox is not there yet, you need to progress a bit! To unlock the mailbox you need to at least play every round in first three chapters, or have the game beaten at least once (even if you erased the progress!)

McPixel visits grandma!

In this brand-new update, McPixel gets a letter from grandma telling him to come for a visit! Join McPixel on his visit to grandma’s place and make sure she actually survives the unfortunate encounters McPixel put her through in a new never-before seen level pack! In addition to that two new minigames and a brand new Steve level wait for you in this level pack!

The classic remastered

Additionally, you will be able to play the original six levels, first ever to be made for McPixel in 2011 remastered to match McPixel 3 style and graphics! These 6 levels were the first ever to be created during a 48-hour game jam! This is where McPixel all started!

Language selector!

Additionally, due to popular demand a language selection screen will now always appear first time you launch the game, instead of trying to autodetect language so that you can pick whatever language you prefer to play in! Note that if you haven’t manually picked the language the language selector will pop up for you next time you launch the game either way!

Have fun playing McPixel 3 and don’t blow it! Make that grandma proud!

[McPixel 3 Steam Page]



The Capcom store has announced a new line of Resident Evil themed Car Signs and Stickers, containing comedic reference to enemies and moments from the Resident Evil games.

You can check out the designs below.


Car signs are going for 円 1,430($10.75) and stickers cost 円880 ($6.60). The difference is that the signs can be moved around whereas the stickers are one time use.

These items will be available March 21st, 2023 from both the online and physical Capcom stores follow the link to see for yourself.

Don’t Stare Together has released the Wilson update on other platforms and to celebrate they have released a new animated short that you can watch above.

While the Wilson update has not hit the Switch version of the game yet it is confirmed to be coming soon. We will of course keep you updated for when the update drops, until then though here are some of the patch notes the update will bring.


Wilson Update

  • Wilson becomes more seasoned over time by getting inspiration that he can spend on learning new skills.
  • Wilson can use the inspiration to open new abilities in categories of “Beard” “Torch” and “Alchemy”
  • The Inspiration persists between games.

New NPC encounter A new creature can be found in the world.

  • Added Beard Rug Turf
  • Pick/Axe now provides tier 1 shadow level for Maxwell.
  • Using the Razor shaves off one level of beard at a time now.

Bug Fixes

Fixed bug causing followers and minions to sometimes not attack a hostile creature.

If you want to read more details about this update follow the link below!


Rika Matsumoto has been the Japanese VA for Ash Ketchum or Satoshi since the Pokémon anime began in 1997, and as our time with Ash and Pikachu is coming to a close Matsumoto was invited to perform the original Japanese Pokémon theme song, “Mezase Pokémon Master -with my friends-“

This performance was done in collaboration with the YouTube channel THE FIRST TAKE and as the name implies this performance of the song was all done in one take!

For fans of the Pokémon anime this is a joyful must watch, you can check it out at the video above.

Masahiro Sakurai’s back with another video on Game Design!

This episode is about how to make an effective tutorial and Sakurai goes into detail discussing the history and importance of tutorials in gaming.

You can check out the full episode above!



As Ash and Pikachu’s time with the Pokémon anime comes to an end many interviews have been popping up about the iconic duo and the legacy of the series.

In an interview with Kunihiko Yuyama a long-time director of the anime it is revealed that originally they had considered having Pikachu talk like Team Rocket’s Meowth.

At first we actually toyed with the idea of having Pikachu talk just like the Rocket Gang Mewoth does…However, we talked about how it would be both more realistic and more interesting if they had to communicate non-verbally, so that’s the way it ended up.

[Kunihiko Yuyama]

If you’re up to date on obscure Pokémon trivia and facts this probably isn’t that surprising to you as in the days before Pokémon was a multi-billion dollar franchise the anime was offered a lot more creative freedom than it would be allowed nowadays.

It’s rare to have a Pokémon speak human language at all in the modern era unless they are a legendary Pokémon, and even then it’s usually explained as being through telepathy. Team Rocket’s Meowth has long since been a relic of an idea from the series’ inception that never went any further.

It’s fascinating to think how different the series would have gone if just this one change made it through.


PAX East is coming up soon and many fans have been wondering if Nintendo will bring the much anticipated “Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” to the show for fans to try out.

Unfortunately for fans, Nintendo have announced that they will be at the show but instead their presence will be focused on “competitive play activities”.

While this doesn’t discount the appearance of Zelda they definitely would have announced it’s presence by now if it was going to be there.

Nevertheless, it seems like Nintendo will still have a presence at the show even if we’re left waiting for a chance to play Tears of the Kingdom.

PAX East takes place March 23-26, 2023 in Boston, MA.


The official Final Fantasy VII Remake Twitter account posted some interesting information about the development of the original game. It seems party member Barret Wallace was intended to have a “Bowgun” instead of his iconic arm-gun. Meaning that he was intended to have both his arms.

You can read a rough translation of the above tweet below.

[FFVII original version small story]

Barrett had a character image from the beginning of FFVII planning, but at that time, the world view was still undecided, so he had a bowgun instead of a gun! In the initial plot, there is also an episode where you promise to go to Cosmo Canyon with the Avalanche members! ♨️👕🍕 #FF7R #FFVII25th

It’s not exactly clear if by “bowgun” they mean a crossbow or a more fantastical weapon.

It seems at this point in development the world hadn’t been decided upon and once they honed in on Midgar that’s when Barret’s bowgun was swapped for his arm-gun.

The Tweet also tells of a cut scene where Barret promises the members of avalanche to take them to Cosmo Canyon which didn’t make it into the final game.

It’s always nice when you can learn new things about old titles, hopefully the Twitter account can share more interesting tidbits like this soon.

The original Final Fantasy VII is available on Nintendo Switch eShop.

While Super Mario Maker 2 isn’t the talk of the town anymore that doesn’t mean there still aren’t some dedicated creators making some mind-boggling courses.

One such project comes from MetroidMike64, a creator who previously created the ambitious Super Mario Bros. 5, a full Mario game within Super Mario Maker 2, you can check out a video below!

This time MetroidMike is back with Super Mario Bros. Remix, a complete remake/reimagining of the original Super Mario Bros., inside Mario Maker 2 as well!

The game mixes elements from the original release, Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels, and Super Mario Bros. Deluxe on Gameboy Color! You can watch the video from GameXplain up top to get an idea for some of the changes you can expect.

So if you feel like celebrating Mario Day you can check out both of these incredible projects in Super Mario Maker 2, just plug in these codes and you’ll be on your way!

Super Mario Bros. 5: 0G9-XN4-FNF

Super Mario Bros. Remix: 90V-9C9-3PF


Yet even more footage of the Mario Movie has been shown in an official TV spot. The video is not the highest quality but it’s good enough to make out what you need to.

Obviously, if you want to avoid spoilers don’t click the link, but nothing major is shown off.


Niantic has just made a blog post on the Pokémon GO website detailing their “renewed commitment to bolstering Pokémon GO’s in-person experience”.

Essentially there are updates coming to Pokémon GO and Niantic’s Campfire app to help bolster community between Trainers.

Game Updates

Elite Raids that feature new or unique Pokémon—such as this weekend’s Regidrago Elite Raids—are one of the first steps in that commitment. We are also working on the following.

  • Improvements to raids that make it easier for you to participate in local Raid Battles and to become friends with Trainers you’ve battled with.
  • Enhancements to the game experience when playing in person with family and friends.
  • New features that provide benefits and encounters with more Pokémon while exploring outside.


Last year, we launched Campfire in select US cities. Campfire’s goal is for Trainers to connect, discover local communities, and find active nearby Raid Battles. We’ve continued to improve Campfire through the following updates focused on helping Trainers better communicate and work together to tackle Raid Battles in person.

  • Adding the ability to start conversations at PokéStops and Gyms around you
  • Adding the ability to navigate from Campfire to a specific Gym in Pokémon GO

Campfire will also see updates soon to significantly improve how Trainers connect, chat, and join Raid Battles together in Pokémon GO. This is a key step in preparing Campfire’s continued rollout and access for Trainers around the world this year.


Niantic also details that they plan to continue to grow the Community Ambassador Program, but they don’t go into further detail, just that updates are coming “soon”.

If you want to read Niantic’s post in full follow the link below!

A relatively recent feature of Twitter is special like button animations when liking tweets containing certain hashtags and one has just been wheeled out to promote The Super Mario Bros. Movie!

As you can see in the above Tweet, liking a post containing the hashtag #SuperMarioMovie will cause the regular like animation to be replaced with a super mushroom.

It’s a fun little bit of promotion but it’s unknown how long it will be around so enjoy it while you can!

New Characters revealed for upcoming Pokémon anime series

Some new faces to learn and battle with!

10 March 2023
by jmaldonado 0

New Characters have been announced for the upcoming Pokémon anime series set in the Paldea region. These characters are acquaintances of Professor Friede and work on his airship under the name Rising Volt Tacklers.

Please note that the character’s names are subject to change during the translation process.

The Mario Movie Madness continues as a new clip from the film has been shared with people who enter the Mario Movie Giveaway.

The clip is a short 30 seconds from the beginning of the film and shows the moment Mario and Toad first meet. The most interesting detail about the clip is the backing music is very clearly a rendition of the Captain Toad Treasure Tracker theme.

You can check out the clip in the tweet above or enter into the Super Mario Bros. Movie Giveaway below!

The giveaway gets you the chance to win tickets to Universal Studios Hollywood, a 7” Bowser Figure or Amazon gift cards! Good luck if you decide to enter!