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REVIEW: LOUD rocks, but doesn't hit every note

Does it offer the ultimate guitar shredding experience?

10 August 2022
by mechabladez 2

Rhythm games cater to a crowd of folks who like to listen or jam out to incredible tracks with their friends and family. These games encourage players to make precise button presses that often follow the beat of a specific soundtrack. Some rhythm titles offer different modes, challenges, and awards to maintain a player’s interest.

Many rhythm games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band even simulated “the rocker’s journey,” allowing players to create avatars and build upon their character’s reputation by performing well-known songs at familiar locales. Players have access to peripherals that resemble instruments, such as drum kits and guitars, giving them the tools they needed to feel like natural rock stars.

The days of games like Rock Band are long gone despite some beloved rhythm games cropping up in remaining arcades. However, some indie developers wish to capture and emulate that former feeling for fans. Loud is one of the latest arcade rhythm games that aims to fill the rocker void in some fans’ hearts. While it offers a compelling coming-of-age narrative and challenging gameplay, it falls short in many areas.


While not as popular as other genres, simulation games cater to a specific audience. These games offer semi-realistic environments and intriguing takes on activities that some users may never experience in their lifetime. From creating an ideal family or constructing an entire city, simulation games often fulfill players’ wildest dreams.

One dream, in particular, could revolve around sports. Snowboarding and skiing are two activities requiring skill, practice, and time to master. This is apparent for those who adore performing strategic or high-risk stunts with the respective equipment. The snowboarding gaming franchise SSX benefitted from this approach, creating a favorably immersive world with exhilarating game mechanics. Although Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands promises a good time, it doesn’t approach the activities with the care they deserve.

REVIEW: Blackberry Honey Leaves A Conflicting Aftertaste

Does this romantic adventure hit its mark?

16 March 2022
by mechabladez 0

Visual novels, for the most part, are aimed at a very specific market. This genre offers compelling stories, captivating soundtracks, and stunning imagery, but the time investment and sheer amount of text could be intimidating to outsiders. This is why a handful of visual novels employ different tricks to woo a wider audience.

One such approach is through branching paths, as they require players to make difficult choices that can change the narrative. The visual novel Doki Doki Literature Club benefits greatly from this mechanic, creating a heightened immersion and considerable replay value. Unfortunately, Blackberry Honey doesn’t take this route, making for one of the game’s biggest missed opportunities.

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