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Viewers of the TV show ‘Love Is Blind’ were greeted by one of the contestants flaunting his ranking on Pokémon Showdown in a newly aired episode.

The contestant in question, James Milton Jr. was seen in the episode talking up his Pokémon skills, stating that he’s “nationally ranked” and “you should see us in Pokémon Showdown”

For those out of the loop, Showdown is an online tool that a lot of potential competitors use to quickly try out teams/builds against other players before they commit to the process of making them in game.

However, some clever internet detectives have already done their searching and found James’ true ranking on the game’s leaderboards which doesn’t appear to be as high as he might have led on, with even longtime competitor and previous Pokémon Worlds Champion WolfeyVGC chiming in


Fans of the WWE and classic Nintendo games are in for a treat as the organization has put together a trailer of sorts for this weekend’s upcoming ‘NXT No Mercy’ event and it features a montage of clips of a few wrestling stars as well as some N64-styled video game visuals as well! You can see the full trailer below and tune into the event starting tomorrow!

Thanks to Edward for the heads up!


It’s been nearly an entire year since the release of Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, and The Pokémon Company is giving the games a new breath of life via The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero. This DLC will give the games two expansions, the first being The Teal Mask, which just released this past week.

Ms. Briar welcomes the students to Kitakami
Ms. Briar welcomes the students to Kitakami

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet saw quite a bit of discussion since their launch last November, some good and some bad. Most of the complaints from the community stem from the game’s less than ideal performance. At its best, users can expect the occasional glitch or two during a normal playthrough, and at its worst, some players have reported loss of save data. Fortunately for myself, I have not seen a lot of these issues. In my original review sessions, I believe I only ever had the game crash twice, and my experience was about the same for The Teal Mask as well.

Over the course of the past year, The Pokémon Company has actually acknowledged the performance issues some users have experienced, and while they’ve made statements here and there, there’s still a subset of players experiencing those issues. That being said, whatever your experience was playing the base game, expect something similar from The Teal Mask.

To say that The Teal Mask’s release crept up on me would be quite the understatement. The Pokémon Company shared a few glimpses at this DLC throughout 2023, and with every reveal I couldn’t help but find myself struggling to find a reason to really get excited about it. Call it fatigue from all the rest of the REALLY great games I’ve played this year (looking at you, Tears of the Kingdom and Baldur’s Gate), call it burnout after putting over 200 hours into these games, call it whatever you like. Nevertheless, I was really waiting to see a singular “wow” moment that unfortunately never came.


Square Enix has shared a new look at the upcoming ‘Star Ocean: The Second Story R’ in the form of the game’s opening movies. Featured in both English and Japanese, the cinematic features the theme song “stella” sung by Japanese musicians SUIREN, arranged by REN. Take a look at the movies below!


Back in March 2023, Nintendo attended PAX East and as part of their attendance, held the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Championship Cup.

The races were fierce, and they eventually crowned a winner, though it seems as though more than just 1st place walked away with some cool prizes!

Thanks to ToonTris on Twitter, we got some exclusive photos of the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe themed controller that was awarded to the Top 12 Finalists of this competition! These controllers are not available for sale, but if you’re in the market for one, you can check out eBay listings that top off around the $10,000 mark. Check out the photos of this special controller below as well as an unboxing video by GameXplain!


A new update has been released for The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie for Nintendo Switch. NIS America has published a few details on what’s included in the patch


The Microsoft vs FTC case that’s slowly been developing over the last year, has finally reached its head with the courts denying the FTC’s requests to block Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision/Blizzard. As of today’s ruling, the company now has been given the ‘go-ahead’ to move forward with the merger.

There are a few legal options the FTC has left to further prolong this case, but it is thought by a few experts that the FTC will likely move on following this new ruling, and Microsoft could move forward with its merge as soon as this Saturday.

Although Microsoft has received approval in the United States, the UK is still seeking to block the merge. Microsoft is appealing this block, and that hearing is currently scheduled for July 28th.

If all goes well for Microsoft, the company would be set to finally close the book on its long discussed acquisition of Activision/Blizzard. This deal would also include a 10 year commitment to bringing the Call of Duty franchise to Nintendo consoles.


Everybody 1-2 Switch officially hits storefronts today, and players are already finding ways to have their own brands of fun within the title.

The game features an option for players to connect and play along using their smartphone as a controller, and if you’re a smartphone player the game allows you to upload any photo from your device to use as a profile photo.

Normally, this really wouldn’t mean anything, though some players have discovered that the game seems to have no content filters at all for what photos it will allow. This means that whatever photo any given player uploads will be seen by the entire lobby (up to 100 players), should they place in the top 3 for a given mini game. We’ll go ahead and let you use your imagination on the possibilities at play here, but needless to say some of the GN staff have already seen some prime examples of this in action.

So that being said, if you’re a soon-to-be Everybody 1-2 Switch party host, be sure to exercise some caution before you let someone like grandma join in on the fun.

Nintendo has yet to issue a statement on the matter, but we’ll be sure to update you here if that changes


One of the announcements during today’s ‘Sonic Central’ digital event was the announcement of a free update coming to all Sonic Frontiers owners, in honor of Sonic’s birthday! SEGA has since updated their website with detailed notes on what’s included in this update, which we attached below! Check it out!

This free content update includes the following:

  • Birthday Celebration – The Starfall Islands have been decked out to celebrate Sonic’s birthday! Check out the decorations and party with a new costume for Sonic’s big day!
  • Action Chain Challenge – new challenges have been added to the Open Zones. Aim for the high score!
  • New Skill: Spin Dash – The legendary Sonic move returns! Unlock the Spin Dash and discover new ways to traverse the Starfall Islands.
  • New Koco – There’s new kinds of Koco waiting to be found on the Starfall Islands. Keep an eye out for their fun outfits!
  • New Game + – Relive the story of Sonic Frontiers with all your stats and skills carried over from your previous playthrough.

This update also includes additional changes to improve your experience while exploring the Starfall Islands.

  • Added a function to display percent completion for each island – available on the transition screen between islands, island selection screen, and island clear screen.
  • Added new “Frontier Elite” costume.
  • Added an ability to change the rate of deceleration when jumping.
  • Added a “NEW” icon that will be displayed when extra content is newly added.
  • Added an ability to turn on/off the “BGM change” function in Cyber Space.
  • The tower difficulty on Rhea Island has been reduced for Easy mode.

When the following time-saving actions are used in Cyber Space, colored marks will now appear in the results: * Homing Dash: White * Spin Dash: Red * Change in deceleration rate when jumping: Yellow * Cyber Space Power Boost: Blue

  • Added a feature to reset clear time and rank in Arcade mode, Cyber Space, Battle Rush, etc.
  • Added an ON/OFF option to set whether the camera will use dramatic angles when skills are used.
  • Added an option to set the deceleration rate to reach a complete stop.
  • Added an ON/OFF option to set whether to maintain a boost during a jump.
  • Added 24 songs to the Juke Box. Added Sound Memories on each island.
  • Additional bug fixes.

Thank you for being part of Sonic’s birthday celebration! Stay tuned for the final content update, coming later this year to Sonic Frontiers for FREE!

The update is available to download now for all owners of Sonic Frontiers. Happy Birthday, Sonic!


During the latest Nintendo Direct this past week, one of the third party highlights was the ‘Batman Arkham Trilogy’ and its release on Switch later this year. This collection is set to feature all 3 Arkham games in one collection, with one interesting new caveat.

The gang at Nintendo Life noticed that in the days since the announcement, Warner Bros. has gone on to clarify via their FAQ Page that only Batman: Arkham Asylum will be included on the Batman: Arkham Trilogy game cartridge.

Does the Nintendo Switch physical version of Batman: Arkham Trilogy include all three games on one cartridge?

“Batman: Arkham Asylum will be included on the Batman: Arkham Trilogy game cartridge. Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Knight will require an online connection to download and install both titles when the Batman: Arkham Trilogy cartridge is inserted into the Nintendo Switch console. All three games will then be playable as long as the cartridge is inserted into the Nintendo Switch console.”

Taking into account the file sizes for these games, it’s not exactly shocking, though certainly a potential bummer for those who were looking forward to adding these games to their physical Switch collection.


Aspyr Media has announced that the “Restored Content” DLC expansion for Star Wars KOTOR 2 has been cancelled for Nintendo Switch. The studio further explains in a tweet:

We’d like to thank the KOTOR community for their immense passion and support for the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series. That passion allowed us to bring this timeless series to the Nintendo Switch, and we are forever grateful.

Sadly, today we are announcing that the Restored Content DLC for the Nintendo Switch version of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords will not be moving forward for release.

We’d like to thank everyone for their continued support by providing a complimentary video game key to players that purchased Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords on Nintendo Switch before this announcement.

As noted, players effected can take their pick from a handful of other Star Wars games in lieu of this news by heading over to the studio’s support page and providing proof of purchase


Dragon Quest fans, rejoice! Just in time for the series’ 25th Anniversary, Square Enix has just published a video honoring the occasion. The video is pretty short, though the biggest announcement comes in the form of news that a new Dragon Quest Monsters game is coming to the Nintendo Switch!

While there’s not much info to speak of quite yet, it is exciting to see that Dragon Quest fans will continue to have more to look forward to, even later in the Switch’s lifecycle. We’ll be sure to update as soon as we know more

Sunshine Shuffle temporarily banned from eShop after marketing "joke"

A joke so nice, it gets banned internationally!

27 May 2023
by alecandstuff 0

Sunshine Shuffle is a game that tells the tale of several cute animals at a table playing Poker, and it’s real good! The game itself was due to release on PC and Switch this week, and while the former is true, Nintendo has temporarily kept the game from releasing on its eShop due to a “joke” that lead dev Xalavier Nelson, Jr made leading up to release.

Nelson is quite known for his goofy online presence, and as the head of the studio producing Sunshine Shuffle, decided he wanted to bring some of that energy with the lead-up to Sunshine Shuffle’s release. Due to the game’s juxtaposition of cute animals playing Poker, Nelson felt it would be funny to make it a running gag that the game “teaches children how to gamble”, which, to clarify, the game does not do. Despite the intentions of the jokes though, this eventually led to some folks taking his points seriously, to the point where the game is now temporarily banned from being sold on the Nintendo eShop, as well as banned entirely from sale in the Republic of Korea!

Nelson goes on to further explain in a video, attached below

Going off of Nelson’s statements, he says the inspiration for those jokes was to get ahead of the bad-faith criticisms from folks who would see the game featuring cute animals playing Poker, and thus claiming that the game is trying to teach children to gamble. Nelson says that the development studio even tried reworking the game with different rules, ones that didn’t use normal playing cards but ultimately decided that it didn’t work for the gameplay and narrative dynamics we wanted.”

Despite all of this, Nelson remains optimistic about the game’s banning, and rather seeing it as an opportunity to speak with their audience on a genuine, human level

“And, yeah, because [Sunshine Shuffle’s banning] is unusual, because it is eye catching. And because it is, frankly, one of the most stressful things I’ve encountered in my career, this gives me a fantastic opportunity to speak to people as people. And in rare instances where people are reacting negatively or abrasively, sometimes turn that entirely around.”

[Xalavier Nelson, Jr]

There’s even a happy ending to this story too because, as of writing, the PR firm representing Sunshine Shuffle announced that the game will be released on the North American eShop on Wednesday, May 31. The game still remains banned in the Republic of Korea.


The Splatoon 3 & Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Championship 2023 Qualifiers have been announced, and they’re set to begin with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on May 27, just a few weeks away! This news was tweeted out by the Nintendo Versus account on Twitter, with the full blurbs for each event detailed below


Date: May 27

Time: 2PM – 6PM PT

To enter, you must participate in the Tournament in the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe game during the Tournament Period. To access the Tournament, select the following, in order, within the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe game: Online Play*, Tournaments, Search by Code. Enter the following code to enter the in-game tournament.

Tournament ID: 1197-1366-3531

The top four players will receive a trip to Nintendo Live 2023 in Seattle, a spot to compete in the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Championship 2023 tournament, and a package of other great prizes including a trophy, a jacket, My Nintendo Gold Points and more!


Event #1: June 3 & June 4

Ladder Round will be held from 12:00 PM PT to 3:00 PM PT on June 3, 2023.

Bracket Round and Top 4 will be held from 12:00 PM PT to approximately 6PM PT on June 4, 2023.

Event #2: June 10 & June 11

Ladder Round will be held from 12:00 PM PT to 3:00 PM PT on June 3, 2023.

Bracket Round and Top 4 will be held from 12:00 PM PT to approximately 6PM PT on June 4, 2023.

The top two teams from each event will receive a trip to Nintendo Live 2023 in Seattle, a spot to compete in the Splatoon 3 Championship 2023 tournament, and a package of other great prizes including a trophy, a jacket, My Nintendo Gold Points and more!

Event details and registration guidelines can all be found on the Nintendo Versus website. So, what do you think? Will you be competing over the summer?

REVIEW: The Super Mario Bros. Movie redefines retro

A fun (albeit safe), romp through the Mushroom Kingdom

24 April 2023
by alecandstuff 4

The story of Super Mario as we know it began in the mid 80’s with the release of Super Mario Bros. for the NES – a humble arcade platformer developed by Nintendo that featured the titular character, Mario, running and jumping his way through a variety of levels all in pursuit of saving Princess Toadstool, aka Peach.

Unbeknownst to Nintendo at the time, Mario would soon become the face and brand of the company as a whole, soaring in popularity through the 90’s to eventually becoming the household name that he is today. For nearly 4 decades, we’ve seen countless Mario games, tons of tie-in merchandise, and even more recently a whole theme park! However, in all that time, there has only been one concerted effort by Nintendo to create a feature film based on the little red plumber… and it failed miserably! Sure, it’s achieved a ‘cult classic’ status among some fans, but that is far removed from the expectations Nintendo likely had for it.

Promotional art for Super Nintendo World Japan
Promotional art for Super Nintendo World Japan

The original Super Mario Bros. film released in 1993, after which fans received nothing but radio silence as far as Nintendo-based film adaptations were concerned. That is, until 2018, when it was revealed to the world that not only would Nintendo be making a grand return to the big screen, but they wouldn’t be doing it alone. They would also be working with Illumination to produce an animated Mario movie. Naturally, many fans had their concerns.

Original announcement image for The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Original announcement image for The Super Mario Bros. Movie

I’ve been a fan of Super Mario my whole life, with 1996’s Super Mario 64 being the first video game I ever owned, as well as THE game to introduce me to the medium as a whole. Now, all these years later, I consider the Super Mario brand to be a major part of who I am today. So, when the news of a new film came through, I was cautiously optimistic – especially when considering how Nintendo’s first outing went.

Thankfully, now that the film is out in full, I can confidently state that 2023’s The Super Mario Bros. Movie is a fantastic adaptation of one of gaming’s most iconic characters. That’s not to say the film is without its flaws, but for fans like myself who have effectively been waiting for this moment all their lives… it’s good to report that it lives up to the hype.