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Nothing like a relaxing game for those nights where you don’t want to do much other than chill on your sofa with a nice cup of warm milk. Introducing Sudocats, a game made by Devcats and published by Silesia Games where you adopt cats and play Sudoku with them, what a mix!

Cats are wonderful creatures but you better not put them together without proper introduction.

So, plan ahead to display them in the right order so they get along!

When you adopt a cat and there is(are) other(s) cat(s) already living in the house, you need to make a gradual introduction first. Sudocats can be handy in that matter!

Check out some of the screenshots as well as their official Twitter below:


Nintendo of Europe has shared that the next set of in-game rewards for Nintendo Switch Sports is available and this time, it focuses on bowling apparel!

With these, you’ll definitely get a much more unique and nostalgic feeling when playing a few rounds of bowling with friends.


The Reddit AMA for Overwatch 2 took place yesterday and the development team answered a lot of questions regarding the upcoming game.

One of them was about the currency and lootboxes that we already covered previously, but there were some other interesting pieces of information regarding hero reworks, social features and Overwatch 2’s Live Service. Keep reading to get a roundup of some of the most interesting answers!

Let’s start with what will be happening to the Live Service since it’s very likely one of the biggest news at this moment, here’s the question and answer:


What does the term “Early Access” means for Overwatch 2? Does this means that on this day OW1 is getting replaced by OW2’s PvP or will OW1 shutdown once the game is out of Early Access?

OW2 Game Director:

We’re using the term Early Access to indicate that this is just the start of many new things coming to the game. We’re launching with new heroes, maps and features, but there are even more of these coming seasonally – every 9 weeks. We recently released a roadmap detailing some of this content, with a new hero coming in Seasons 1 and 2, and a new map in Season 2. Additionally, larger pieces of the game that have always been a part of the vision for OW2 will be released to the game as part of the live service, including the launch of the PvE Campaign next year.

When OW2 launches on Oct 4th it will be a replacement for the current Live Service.

When the game was just announced, it was mentioned that people would be able to play with each other in OW1 and 2, but as you can see, it seems very clear that the Live Service for Overwatch 1 will be shutting down and replaced on October 4th, the launch date for Overwatch 2.

The next questions focus on Hero reworks and roles:


Are there any other heroes who will be getting reworks between now and launch? Incredibly excited about the game!

OW2 Game Director:

We’re not just committed to launching new heroes and content, but making changes to existing ones if they become necessary. We have some fun changes on the way for Symmetra in the coming Beta, and partway through it, we’ll introduce a change to Moira. We’re also looking at some changes to Brigitte, especially for her Ult, that we’re hoping to get into the game for launch.


What is the team’s opinion about the number of heroes in each role (10 Tanks, 17 Damage, 8 Supports on Oct 4th)? Is there any intention to increase the number of support heroes relative to the other roles, since currently the supports have the least heroes per team slot? Are you considering any more role-swaps (like Doomfist) to even out the roster among the roles?

OW2 Game Director:

Our high number of Damage heroes is directly related to the fact that Damage was originally two different roles (Offense and Defense). It was never our intent to create a role that had far more heroes than our other two roles when we created Role Queue.

We know that our support hero lineup needs more variety and it’s a focus for us going forward, but we can’t abandon development of Damage heroes given their popularity.

Having exactly the same number of heroes in each role is not a goal we’re likely to ever actively pursue, but having more supports ASAP is. To that point, two of the three heroes after Season 2 are Supports, as Aaron Keller revealed earlier on this thread :)

Finally, we would like to share an answer regarding social features, which seems insteresting as other than playing and talking with friends via voice chat, Overwatch 1 didn’t really have any other social services implemented in game:


What social systems are coming for Overwatch 2? A lot of players have asked for clans, or in game tournaments. Has the team been working on any social systems?

OW2 Game Director:

We are looking to add more social systems to Overwatch 2, and a guild system is near the top of the list for us. A feature like this is a great opportunity and something we’re really excited about, but it’s a huge lift, not just for large sections of our team but several other departments at Blizzard. We have put significant work towards this feature, but it’s too early to talk about specifics or when it might come out.

The other suggestion, in-game tournaments, is something that the team is starting to dig into more.

What do you think? Does this answer some of your questions? Do they create even more that you didn’t have before? Either way, if you want to know more, make sure to check out the Official AMA to read everything they shared!

Overwatch 2 launches as F2P on October 4th, 2022.


Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak’s release is approaching, and to celebrate, Capcom will be releasing two new pieces of merchandise that you can buy in real life: a Felyne Daruma figure and a Bunny Dango plushie, both based on in-game items.

As you may expect, these items will be available in the official Japanese Capcom Store for ¥880 (or about US$6), and the Daruma will cost ¥4,180 (or about US$31.)

Capcom’s official merchandise is always high quality and these new items seem to be no exception, just look at some of the pictures below:

There’s no official word on these being released in the West, but at least there are ways to get them if you really want them.


The Super Mario movie has been one of Nintendo’s most secretive projects that we know exists.

As such, one of the biggest questions in everyone’s minds is “what will Mario sound like?” All we really know so far is that, of course, Chris Pratt is taking up the role of Mario himself, his work is “phenomenal” and that the criticism will “evaporate” once we actually hear Pratt’s performance

Right now though, Variety is bringing us an exclusive after talking to the man himself saying his voice is “unlike anything you’ve heard in the Mario world before”.

Here’s the full quote:

“I worked really closely with the directors and trying out a few things and landed on something that I’m really proud of and can’t wait for people to see and hear,” Pratt said. “It’s an animated voiceover narrative. It’s not a live-action movie. I’m not gonna be wearing a plumber suit running all over. I’m providing a voice for an animated character, and it is updated and unlike anything you’ve heard in the Mario world before.”

What do you think? While we haven’t gotten any other information about the movie yet, every little bit like this can (maybe) help us be more optimistic about this project!

The Super Mario movie is scheduled for release April of 2023.



Date: February 9, 2022. Location: My house. Status: Screaming. The reason: A new Mario Strikers game!

After 15 years, we have finally gotten a new entry in the Strikers series with Mario Strikers: Battle League for the Nintendo Switch. I was ready to sink dozens of hours into it, but being asked to review the newest game in my favorite sports franchise was even better! Would this be an outstanding GOOOOOAAAAAL and live up to everyone’s expectations, or just a Foul from Nintendo that we would rather forget? Let’s start the match and find out!


Update 4.0 for Steven Universe Unleash the Light is out now for mobile and Steam with console versions coming out very soon according to the developer Grumpyface Studios.

While we wait for the update, feel free to read their official announcement to see what will be included:


Mario Strikers Battle League is a good game, but it’s not perfect. The tutorial is great for learning how to play the game, but even then it gets a bit confusing on how shooting goals works. I press up and the ball goes left, I press left and the ball goes up, what gives!

Reddit user sophisticated-stoner probably thought the same, which is why they put together a really useful visual aid to help you guide yourself in how to shoot for the goal. Check it out below:


As you see here, from your point of view, if you move the stick to the left, you’ll be aiming for the top middle part of the goal; if you move it up, you’ll be aiming for the left side of the goal and so on.

Hopefully this will make it easier to know what you are doing when trying to score a goal.

Thanks again to sophisticated-stoner on Reddit for their efforts!



Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion was just announced for multiple platforms included the Nintendo Switch, and fans are already putting together some screenshots comparing what the game originally looked like to what it looks like now looking at the official screenshots released by Square Enix.

It’s worth mentioning that the official PR is calling the game a ‘Remaster’ as you can see here:


While it’s looking like a full remake, we’ll have to wait and see what comes from this.

In the meantime, check out some of the comparisons below:

What a surprise! During the Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary Celebration stream, it was announced that the newest remake from Square Enix would be coming to Nintendo Switch as Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, a prequel to Final Fantasy VII that was originally released in 2007 for the PSP.

This remake will feature new features like HD graphics, full 3D models, voice acting, a new soundtrack arrangement and more!

While we don’t have a set release date, Square Enix did say the game will be coming out in Winter with more news coming in the next months.

Don’t forget to check the trailer above and, if you need more information, head over to the official Square Enix website for the announcement!



The newest collection of items to get in Nintendo Switch Sports is here! Get yourself an ice cream as you get this delicious set available from today June 16th. Here’s what you can find:

(Items may vary.)

Here’s what’s coming to the item section this week. This collection will be available from 10:00 p.m. PT on June 15, 2022, through 10:00 p.m. PT on July 6, 2022. Have fun out there!

Completion bonus: Ice Cream Volley Set


  • Ice Cream Volley Cap
  • Ribbon Headband
  • Ice Cream Volley Paint
  • Star Earrings (Yellow)

Hairstyle/Hair Color

  • Twin Buns
  • Red


  • Sparkle Stamp
  • Frustrated Stamp
  • Embarrassed Stamp
  • Question Stamp

Titles 1

  • Power
  • Stamina
  • Nimble
  • Excited

Titles 2

  • Glorious
  • Diamond
  • Whatever
  • OK

Certain items may vary from player to player.


Kirby games have made it a habit to have a feature which allows you to get items by entering codes. It’s a great way to incentivize players to go back to the game and try new things or to help existing players with a little bump to keep going.

The Official Japanese Twitter for the Kirby series has shared the latest code for the game and, as you may know, these codes are not region locked so you can use it with no problem.

You can see the latest code and what it gives you and some others below:

Newest code released on June 16th:

さっぽろでポップアップ – Star Coin x300, Food x2 (available until July 11th)

Previously released codes:

ろくよんでもだいぼうけん – Star Coin x150, Food x2, Maxim Tomato (available until June 20th)

CRYSTALSHARDS – Star Coin x150, Food x2, Maxim Tomato (available until June 20th)

ひろしまできかんげんてい – Star Coin x300, Food x2 (available until June 27th)

カービィカフェでディスカバリー – Star Coin x500, Food, Car-Mouth Cake (available until June 30th 2022)

せんだいでポップアップ – Star Coin x300, Food x2 (available until July 3rd 2022)

よこはまでポップアップ – Star Coin x300, Food x2 (available until July 10th 2022)

さっぽろでポップアップ – Star Coin x300, Food x2 (available until July 11th 2022)

キデイランドでディスカバリー – Star Coin x300, Kirby Burger (available until July 31st 2022) BRAWLINGCOLOSSEUM – Star Coin x500, Attack Boost (no end date)

CLEARDEMO – Star Coin x300 (no expiration date)

FIRSTPASSWORD – Star Coin x100 (no expiration date)

KIRBYSTORY – Star Coin x300 (no expiration date)

KIRBYTHEGOURMET – Rare Stone, Car-Mouth Cake (no expiration date)

NEWADVENTURE – Star Coin x300, Rare Stone (no expiration date)

THANKYOUMETAKNIGHT – Rare Stone x3 (no expiration date)

Sega Pop-up Shop to sell Classic Sega Merchandise

These will sell at Sonic Speed!

10 June 2022
by videocookies 0

In Tokyo, the Akihabara Container center will host a pop-up shop selling all kinds of classic Sega merchandise, featuring beloved franchises like Sonic The Hedgehog, Jet Set Radio, Puyo Puyo and more.

The pop-up shop will take place from June 15th to July 3rd, 2022.

Check out the list of items and some of the screenshots below:

Altered Beast premium pub mirror – ¥8,800

AM2 R&D rainbow holographic sticker – ¥550

Comix Zone “Sketch” t-shirt – ¥3,850

Fantasy Zone “Epilogue” work shirt – ¥7,150

Feel the Magic: XY/XX “Have it!” reusable bag – ¥1,100

Feel the Magic: XY/XX T-shirt – ¥3,850

Jet Set Radio “Graffiti Soul” rubber coaster – ¥880

Jet Set Radio Future “Graffiti Soul” track jacket – ¥7,480

Pins Geek Feel the Magic: XY/XX goldfish – ¥1,100

Puyo Puyo 2 VS acrylic mascot – Capsule gacha, ¥500 per try

Sega Genesis cocktail glass – ¥1,980

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 pixel mascot – Capsule gacha, ¥500 per try

Sonic the Hedgehog classic & big acrylic stand – ¥3,850

Space Harrier “Prologue” work shirt – ¥7,150

Thanks to Siliconera for the list.


Team 17 is having an eShop sale right now featuring some great games at some great prices.

Check out the full list of discounts:

Ageless: Current Price: $3.74 (Regular Price: $14.99)

Automachef Current: Price: $2.99 (Regular Price: $14.99)

Blasphemous: Current Price: $6.24 (Regular Price:$24.99)

Crown Trick: Current Price: $5.99 (Regular Price:$19.99)

Epic Chef: Current Price: $14.99 (Regular Price: $24.99)

Going Under: Current Price: $4.99 (Regular Price: $19.99)

Golf With Your Friends - Caddy Pack: Current Price: $0.99 (Regular Price: $1.99)

Golf With Your Friends: Current Price: $4.99 (Regular Price: $19.99)

Greak: Memories of Azur: Current Price: $9.99 (Regular Price: $19.99)

King of Seas: Current Price: $9,99 (Regular Price: $24.99)

Monster Sanctuary: Current Price: $6.79 (Regular Price: $19.99)

Moving Out - Movers in Paradise: Current Price: $3,74 (Regular Price: $7,49)

Moving Out - The Employees of the Month Pack: Current Price: $1.49 (Regular Price: $2.99)

Moving Out: Current Price: $6.24 (Regular Price: $24.99)

My Time at Portia: Current Price: $7.49 (Regular Price: $29.99)

Narita Boy: Current Price: $9,99 (Regular Price: $24.99)

Neon Abyss - Alter Ego Pack: Current Price: $2,39 (Regular Price: $3.99)

Neon Abyss - The Lovable Rogues Pack: Current Price: $1.19 (Regular Price: $1.99)

Neon Abyss: Current Price: $9.99 (Regular Price: $19.99)

Overcooked! 2 - Campfire Cook Off: Current Price: $2.99 (Regular Price :$5.99)

Overcooked! 2 - Carnival of Chaos: Current Price: $2.99 (Regular Price: $5.99)

Overcooked! 2 - Gourmet Edition: Current Price: $12.12 (Regular Price: $48.49)

Overcooked! 2 - Night of the Hangry Horde: Current Price: $4.99 (Regular Price: $9.99)

Overcooked! 2 - Season Pass: Current Price: $9.99 (Regular Price: $19.99)

Overcooked! All You Can Eat: Current Price: $19,99 (Regular Price: $39.99)

Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos: Current Price: $7.99 (Regular Price:$19.99)

Sheltered Current: Price:$ 3.74 (Regular Price: $14.99)

Super Magbot: Current Price: $4,49 (Regular Price: $17.99)

The Escapists 2 - Big Top Breakout Current Price: $1.99 (Regular Price: $3.99)

The Escapists 2 - Dungeons and Duct Tape Current Price: $1.99 (Regular Price: $3.99)

The Escapists 2 - Game of the Year Edition: Current Price: $6.74 (Regular Price: $26.99)

The Escapists 2 - Wicked Ward: Current Price: $1.99 (Regular Price: $3.99)

The Room: Current Price: $2.49 (Regular Price: $9.99)

The Serpent Rogue: Current Price: $14.99 (Regular Price: $19.99)

The Survivalists - Deluxe Edition: Current Price:$10.79 (Regular Price:$26.99)

The Survivalists - Monkey Business Pack: Current Price: $2.00 (Regular Price: $2.99)

The Survivalists: Current Price:$6.24 (Regular Price:$24.99)

Worms Rumble - Digital Deluxe Edition: Current Price: $5,49 (Regular Price: $21.99)

Worms Rumble: Current Price: $3,74 (Regular Price: $14.99)

Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair: Current Price: $7.49 (Regular Price: $29.99)

TailsTube Episode 2 Featuring a Mystery Guest

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09 June 2022
by videocookies 0

Miles “Tails” Prower, Sonic’s best friend and now popular VTuber, is back with another episode of his newest series: TailsTube.

This time he’s brought a mystery guest to talk about the dangers Sonic has faced while saving the world.

Who’s this mysterious guest and what do they know? Check out the full interview below to find out!