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Finally, a MOM works at Nintendo!

by rawmeatcowboy
26 February 2006
GN 1.0 / 2.0

100% hilarious…thanks to our read Psychojones for taking the time to send this in, and MTAhew for the inspiration.

I heard from my mom, who works at Nintendo, that the Revolution will not only surpass the competition. It will also have “Fanboy Sensors”. If a Microsoft or Sony fanboy comes near a Revolution while it’s running, the console will release a slight electric shockwave that will not only cause the fanboy slight pain, but leave them with an uncontrollable urge to purchase Nintendo products.

Apparently, that’s the other feature Nintendo is keeping from
everybody, mind-control. It’s truly revolutionary. In fact, analysts
predict the technology will become common ground within the next 10 years!