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UPDATE - Nintendo to replace Wii wrist straps for free...if you want

by rawmeatcowboy
15 December 2006
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Wii wrist strap problems are nothing new here. We have been covering Wiimote related accidents/injuries for a few weeks now. Nintendo has been listening to your complaints. They put up multiple safety precautions in games, via email, on their website, and more. It seems that Nintendo wants to stop these issues altogether, so they are offering free replacement straps. This offer takes into account every single person that owns a Wii. If you want a new wrist strap, you can get one. Thanks to VillyVombat for the heads up.


Get a replacement here

UPDATE - The BBC is reporting this story as a wrist strap recall, but Nintendo has confirmed that this is not true.

“As of Monday, anyone who has any problems or concerns about the integrity of their Wii Remote wrist straps can call Nintendo Customer Services for a replacement strap. This is not a product recall. The current wrist strap is fine - it has passed all safely standards and does the job. This is simply a precaution because we are aware of the concerns over their safety. All new Wii Remotes and Wii consoles will ship with the new, thicker wrist strap. Even though the original straps are perfectly adequate for normal play, we can’t control the exuberance of players.” - Nintendo representative

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