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Capcom not ruling out Okami on 3DS

by rawmeatcowboy
21 June 2010
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A portion of a Nintendo Life interview with Capcom’s Motohide Eshiro…

NL: Have you had the chance to see Nintendo’s new 3DS system yet and do you think it would make a great home for a future Okami title?

ME: (Laughs) Actually I was lined up before to try it out, but I didn’t have a chance because the line was way too long. I do hope that sometime during my stay at E3 that I’ll get a chance to get my hands on it and try it out.

As for as a new Okami title on the 3DS, first of all I want to put all of my efforts into getting Okamiden out and into the public consciousness. I mainly hope the public reaction to Okamiden is good and that fans like it. Hopefully if the reaction is good enough and fans want to see another game we can look at possibly developing an Okamiden game for the 3DS. We’re certainly not ruling it out.

Full interview here