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Classics on new consoles aren't always faithful

by rawmeatcowboy
19 February 2007
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A portion of a Ars Technica article…

Mario Kart 64 (Wii Virtual Console): The $10 downloadable version of Mario Kart 64 does not let you save ghost data in the time trials. The culprit is the lack of emulation of the memory pack slot on the back on the N64 system—a problem likely to strike other Nintendo 64 games. For Mario Kart, the missing feature isn’t a show stopper, but racing against your best times was an addicting and popular way to play the original on the Nintendo 64.

Kid Icarus (Wii Virtual Console): This is a classic from the original NES, and while the graphics and sound are great on the Wii, you won’t be able to use the popular cheat codes from your youth. We’re not sure why they were taken out. This may not matter to some, but the memories of the codes are a big part of what made this game special. Who could forget DANGER !!!!!! TERROR HORROR or PAKING PAKING PAKING PAKING? There are other codes that work, but this subtly reminds you that you’re not quite playing the game you remember.

Is this really a huge deal for you guys? I personally don’t care about ghost data in MK64. Sure it would be nice to have, but it doesn’t ruin my experience. I don’t understand the decision to take out some codes in Kid Icarus, but once again, it doesn’t really bug me.

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