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Nintendo's response to Wii with DVD playback

by rawmeatcowboy
04 March 2007
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We all know that a new version of the Wii will be coming at some point, this version featuring DVD playback. Reader ChickenSandwich emailed Nintendo to try and get some more info, and were sent this response.

Hello and thank you for contacting Nintendo,

I appreciate your taking the time to share your comments and suggestions with us. Rest assured that they will be forwarded to the appropriate department for further review.

Also, as you know, Nintendo and Sonic Solutions have made an agreement to allow Nintendo the use of Sonic Solutions’ DVD technology in a future version of the Wii console. However, launch details, like where (regions or countries) it will sell, release date, or price (although it will be more expensive than the original version) are currently unavailable and won’t be revealed until sometime in the latter half of 2007. It will not be available as an add-on attachment.

For those who already own a DVD player at home, the launch version of Wii will be the best choice. This version of the console is more affordable and you’ll be able to enjoy Wii games immediately.

At least we now have some idea when we will hear more on this project.