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Stan Bush explains how 'The Touch' got added to Guitar Hero: World Tour's DLC

by rawmeatcowboy
22 March 2011
GN Version 3.1

A portion of an OSV interview with Stan Bush…

OSV: Even though the songs weren’t used in the movie though, that new version of “The Touch” found its way onto Guitar Hero: World Tour. How did this come about?

Stan Bush: Well, they contacted me from Activision. What had happened was that Mike Fahey submitted a post to about an interview with me where he asked me if I would like to see “The Touch” in Guitar Hero and I said yeah. What happened then was that all the Transformers websites, blogs, video game sites, they all suddenly reported that “Stan Bush wants The Touch in Guitar Hero” and so the fans started requesting it. Kotaku was pretty instrumental in getting that deal up and running.

Full interview here