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ZombiU - more details on missions, staff size, characters and online interactions

by rawmeatcowboy
25 August 2012
GN Version 4.0
- Inside Buckingham, you're looking for the "Royal Doctor"
- he is researching a cure to the Zombie virus
- this location is after 7-8 missions
- messages left by other players will include content from both friends and players in general
- the community can rate the message to let players know if it's worthwhile or not
- total staff includes 90 in Montpellier, plus a team of 30 in Romania doing the multiplayer maps
- when some key codes are scanned, they are added to the mini-map so you don't have to remember
- three slots on the GamePad are for quick item access
- use these slots for your most-used backpack items
- Zombies are attracted to sound and light
- One of the NPCs, the "prepper" who was the guiding voice in the E3 demo, has a wife "Sondra", from whom he is separated
- Prepper's approach is to barricade survivors within the safehouse, whereas his wife belongs to an organization that looks to have survivors flee the city
- 2/3 NPCs which will influence how the game scenario evolves
- crossbow is more efficient for outside levels and long distance shots
- when you die, the character you take on next is randomly generated
- there will be 4 or 5 types of special zombies
- on-screen messaging system lets you know what your friends or your friend's zombie are doing
- you can also learn what your zombi (former player) is doing to others
- there will be some form of leaderboards to keep track of these interactions

Huge thanks to Dearodie for translating these details!