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RUMOR - Amazon won't directly sell Nintendo hardware after argument with 3DS launch?

by rawmeatcowboy
14 September 2012
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Chalk this up as a rumor for now. We've put in a request for an official statement on the issue. I doubt we'll hear a response, so this is all we have for now.

The Amazon vs. Nintendo squabble about selling 3DS consoles has been dragging on for about a year. Supposedly, it all started off last year when the 3DS launch was less than stellar. Amazon had a lot of unsold 3DS consoles sitting around their warehouses, and they decided to start demanding a bigger wholesaler discount - equal to what Wal-Mart receives. (The Amazon vs. Wal-Mart soap opera is for another thread.)

Anyway, this request was flatly denied. Amazon requested permission to sell the consoles at a discount. Denied again. To strengthen their case, and try to bully their way into the bigger discount, Amazon complained that they have to replace a lot of the systems because of the screen scratching problem, and starting making a big production about sending each and every one back to Nintendo, wanting a full & immediate credit, which started to overwhelm Nintendo's intake for seconds merchandise, which started to make Nintendo really mad, because Amazon was sending over units that had such slight, almost nonexistent problems, that they were not used to being bothered with such trivial things. (Supposedly.) Previously, and for other consoles, Amazon just sold returned (working) consoles at a discount on their "Warehouse Deals" page, which Nintendo doesn't like, but Amazon claimed that they were losing ALL their profit margin on 3DSes with shipping faulty systems back to NOA, as well as dealing with unhappy customers that were leaving and/or not spending as much as previously.

Full details here (thanks Ross!)