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Japan - Nintendo Direct on parental controls, USB storage, backwards compatibility and Nintendo Network Premium

by rawmeatcowboy
14 November 2012
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Parental Controls

- Nintendo realizes that some parents may fear that their children may use the Wii U's internet functionality without permission. Wii U has Parental Controls.
- Can restrict content based on user age, CERO (Japan ESRB) rating, internet functionality, internet browser, e-Shop spending, Miiverse functionality, friend registrations, videos, data management, internet settings
- Wii U keyboard input can save user input habits and predictive input in a specific database that depends on the game and user. Wii U does not save input data that you don't want other users to know into the database.
- Miiverse settings can be turned on/off depending on the save profiles per game.

USB Data Storage

- 8GB = 7.2GB, 32GB = 29GB in terms of actual save data. Wii U uses around 4.2GB when using the system for the first time.
- NSMBU is ~2GB, Nintendo Land is ~3.2GB. So, both won't fit into the Basic set at the same time.
- Wii U lets you put data onto a connected USB media drive.
- One USB drive at a time only.
- Cannot disconnect the external drive while plugged into the Wii U and receiving power.
- You can use general drives.
- Nintendo cannot guarantee that small hard disks (bus-powered) that require more power than USB 2.0 can handle will work properly.
- Generally, hard disks that have Y-Cables (2 USB connectors) will work with the Wii U.
- Nintendo warns that for USB flash drives, even though the Wii U will detect and connect them as it would a hard disk, due to limitations on the number of times data is read from the disk and how this will eventually wear the USB flash drive down, Nintendo does NOT recommend leaving important save and other game data on a USB flash drive for long periods of time. How this plays out depends on the game, of course.
- Wii U will read up to 2TB only for external hard drives even if hard drive has more space.
- In Data Management, you must format the connected media drive. Note that this means you cannot use the drive with a PC.
- You can move data from internal Wii U storage to external USB media in Data Management and vice versa. Data on both internal and external media will appear in the menu.
- At launch, only 1 USB hard drive can be connected, but through a future update, more than 1 will be possible and you will be able to move data between them freely.
- SD Cards can hold PC data, Wii Virtual Console, Wii Ware, and Wii save data, but cannot be used to save Wii U game save data.

Backwards Compatibility

- Wii games, Virtual Console, Wii Ware stuff cannot be played using the GamePad screen, but only on the TV in Wii Mode
- Iwata: "We understand that there are people who were looking forward to playing Wii games, Virtual Console games, and so forth on the GamePad, but unfortunately we cannot accommodate those users' expectations."
- There are plans for a Wii U Virtual Console that WILL be compatible with the Wii U GamePad. Please look forward to it in the future.

Nintendo Network Premium

- For Premium Set buyers only
- Point service
- Make Nintendo Network ID, then login to find and use the service
- After logging in, you can see the points you have earned
- Buy with download card or download number
- Earn 10% back on purchases
- Earn back purchase points in ¥500 increments
- Points earned can be used with Wii U/3DS e-Shop, Wii Shopping Channel, DSi Shop