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Nintendo Direct (Europe and North America) - live-stream/blog

by rawmeatcowboy
05 December 2012
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Live Video streaming by Ustream

Since both events are happening at the same time, I'll be live-blogging the North American event first, then going through the European one.

North America

- 30 more Wii U games coming in the next few weeks
- LEGO City Undercover coming first part of 2013
- Chase is called back to LEGO City to take on the case of hunting down his arch enemy. Take on multiple disguises. Crack safes, rescue kittens and more. GamePad is an in-game police communicator. Receive police dispatches, progress updates, scan for hidden criminals and hidden items. Over 100 different vehicles in the game. Collect vehicle tokens to get instant access to vehicles at call-in points. These are created out of Super Bricks. These Super Bricks also build important locations. Visit the prison to see how Rex Fury escaped. Has a Morgan Freeman/Shawshank Redemption spoof as well. New physical place set, High-Speed Chase, to be made available. Comes with codes for special vehicles and missions in the game.
- Pikmin 3 is due out Q2 of 2013
- Game in Wario discussed, same content from the Japanese Nintendo Direct being shown. More footage to be shown on Nintendo's Facebook today.
- Wii Fit U's Fit Meter lets you track your physical activity outside of the Wii U game. Download the data into your game when you get back to your Wii U. Aerobic, strength training and more activities from Wii Fit Plus included. New activities including dance available in Wii Fit U.
- Another playable character coming to Ninja Gaiden III for free. Kasumi from the Dead or Alive series is coming.
- Wii U Panorama View will feature several videos of rare sights and situations. Views of downtown London or a tour of Kyoto. Available as a paid eShop download next Spring. Free preview demo will hit the eShop as well.
- Google Maps Street View hitting Wii U eShop in first quarter of next year.
- Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon has E. Gadd researching the ghosts of Evershade Valley. Friendly ghosts turn evil, and Luigi steps in to figure out what's going on. Poltergust 5000 can be equipped with a special strobe to help suck in ghosts. Ghosts have countless defenses. Due out Spring 2013.

- Brain Age: Concentration Training due out Feb. 10th. Deals with information overload/addiction that we get due to all our internet-connected devices. This makes it hard for us to focus. Brain Age: Concentration Training tests focus and concentration to combat this impact. Will improve your working memory. Difficulty scales dynamically. Compare your performance to others.
- Fire Emblem: Awakening due out Feb. 4th.

- New Super Mario Bros. 2 Coin Challenge Pack C and Platform Panic Pack available for download later today.

- Tokyo Crash Mobs discussed, but no specific date mentioned.
- HarmoKnight confirmed for North American release.


- LEGO City Undercover being published by Nintendo, due out early 2013
- Kasumi is going to become a playable character in Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge. Coming January 11
- Nintendo will be publishing Scribblenauts Unlimited in Europe, due out Feb. 8th
- SiNG Party due out Jan. 18th
- Zen Pinball 2 willl be coming to the Nintendo eShop on Wii U in December
- Pikmin 3 due out Q2 2013
- Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate due out on 3DS/Wii U in March, 3D video hitting eShop soon
- Panorama View coming on Spring 2013
- Animal Crossing: New Leaf due out Q2 2013
- Luigi's Mansion 2 due out March 2013
- Dr. Kawashima's Devilish Brain Training: Can You Stay Focused? features a mode called Devilish Calculations. There's another mode called Devilish Mice. Keep track of where mice run while cats chase them. Title due out on March 8th.
- Castlevania: Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate due out in March 2013.
- HarmoKnight also heading to the 3DS eShop in Europe. Due out March 2013.
- Picross e2 due out on 3DS eShop shortly. 150 new levels, new Micross mode. Solve a series of smaller puzzles that solver a larger picture-based puzzle. Due out in January.
- Tokyo Crash Mobs due out Jan. 17th
- Hydroventure Spin Cycle due out Dec. 13th
- Wario Land 3 due out on 3DS VC today
- Fire Emblem: Awakening due out April 2013