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Ancel - Rayman Legends delay was brutal, lead to a misunderstanding, doesn't want to work on Rayman forever

by rawmeatcowboy
17 July 2013
GN Version 4.0
The following comes from a Videogamer interview with Michel Ancel...

"As artists, we don't have the control of everything. Of course, as creators we are a bit selfish. When we heard about the delay we were like, 'No! We want our game to be released, to let people play the game'. It was a misunderstanding because when we heard about [the delay] it was very brutal. Just suddenly this happened, but after talking more and more we understood better the things behind the decision.

"I've made the Rayman world so that we do things that the fans would make us want to do. We are led by the fans and we try to have a world where it's not about realism. If it's a funny idea, let's do it. I don't say I want to work on Rayman forever, but now it's on a good way to continue by itself."