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Analysts predict bright future for Nintendo, mobile content set to help

by rawmeatcowboy
20 June 2015
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Coming from Rupal Bhansali, the chief investment officer of international equities at Chicago-based Ariel Investments...

- stock can go up another 50% over a one-to-two-year time frame

- revenue is likely to bottom this year at $4.48 billion, based on analyst forecasts

- for the year ending in March 2017, sales could jump 17%, to $5.25 billion

Coming from Atul Goyal, a longtime Nintendo bull...

- Nintendo ultimately could match its heyday in 2008, when Ebitda (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization) hit $5.6 billion

- it could get 25% of the total smartphone-game market, which research firm IDC puts at $40.5 billion by 2018

- at a reasonable 50% margin, that’s $5.1 billion worth of profit for Nintendo

- “The casual-gaming market moved to the mobile platform, but Nintendo did not. Now the world’s largest casual-gaming company is moving to the world’s largest casual-gaming platform. In two years’ time, it’s not impossible that Nintendo could have five of the top 10 mobile games.”

- 12-month price target is $30 for the ADR

- thinks Nintendo shares could return to their 2007 high near $80 in the next two to three years

- even minimal success in smartphones puts the stock’s floor at about $17