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Bravely Second art book missing content in European release

by rawmeatcowboy
27 February 2016
GN Version 5.0

Looks like the old censorship issue has popped up yet again. This time we're not actually talking about a game, but an art book accompanying it. The book in question goes with Bravely Second and shows of some artwork/design docs for the game. Let's first take a look at some Japanese pages from the book.

Now we'll show you the same pages in the European book. The order of the pics below corresponds with the order of pics above to showcase just what content has been yanked.

As you can see, some of the more suggestive/graphic images have been either censored or removed. Almost a whole page of Agnes art is missing, and the one image that's still included has been censored. Another entire page of Agnes artwork showing her bound up is gone as well. Lastly, a bloody image of Geist has been removed entirely.

There may be more edits than this between the two books, but these showcase the changes that have been spotted thus far.

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