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Yooka-Laylee - another round of new details

by rawmeatcowboy
28 May 2016
GN Version 5.0

- scale and level of detail has been greatly increased
- characters will speak in gibberish as they did in Banjo-Kazooie
- Chris Sutherland and composer Grant Kirkhope worked on this aspect
- the pair “spent a lot of time trying to figure out the timing and iterating regularly until it sounded just right.”
- Ghosts can be found in each world; one hides, another attacks you, and a more elusive spirit requires you to chase and catch it
- 200 quills scattered across the world, spread across race circuits and along vast, undulating minecart tracks
- Tokens unlock the eight multiplayer arcade games hosted by Rextro, which can be found in the main menu and support up to 4 players
- Tonics: RPG-style modifiers that also act as in-game accomplishments; ex: reduce power consumption of Yooka’s role, which could be attached to something like killing 100 enemies
- There’s a pickup which triggers a transformation exclusive to that particular world
- use a Splash Berry to feed a raincloud, which will in turn generate a waterfall that fills a dry riverbed
- this will open up new areas
- choose a Frost Berry instead, and the river will freeze over, giving you access to a harder race across a slippery surface
- you can move onto the next area once you’ve collected enough Pagies
- you can also spend them on expanding the environment
- for example, spend Pagies on a towering monument that dwarfs what was there before
- this will also open up activities that are more difficult platforming sections
- Regain health by collecting butterflies
- Refill the power meter by eating butterflies
- New Game+ mode will be included where all moves are unlocked from the beginning
- Spend Quills to extend Yooka and Laylee’s move sets; ex: sonar shot for Laylee which fires translucent waves and triggers invisible platforms to reach a previously inaccessible temple area
- When you unlock a new world, Trowzer will give you a new power as a way of thanking you for letting him expand his business
- Challenges won’t be repeated across the different worlds; the team wants to constantly surprise players
- The challenge ramps up in the second world, which has a wintry theme