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Jakks Pacific's World of Nintendo lineup - another look at the latest round of figs

by rawmeatcowboy
02 April 2017
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Check out more pics of the lineup here

- 4" line has an MSRP of $9
- sale until 4/15 for 20% off all World of Nintendo stuff at Toys R Us.
- prices dropped on the 4" line and 2.5" line to $10 and $5 from $13 and $7 respectively
- Inkling Boy, Yoshi recolor (Blue), third Samus in her Phazon Suit, Wind Waker Link with the Wind Waker and Mario with open hands instead of closed
- new Inkling Girl
- new Lakaitu
- Bowser Jr. with his paintbrush
- Ice Mario and a more classical Star Mario who is sparkly
- in June you can get Mario Maker Mario, Luigi (open hands), BotW Link, Iggy Koopa, and Yellow Yoshi
- in May you can get Dr. Mario, Blue Baby Yoshi, Larry Koopa, Purple Squid and Red Bob-omb
- Nintendo Playset: Peach's Castle
- new Family Dollar repackage Toad
- Splatoon Splat Balls and Blasters