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RiME to use HD rumble, touchscreen menus

by rawmeatcowboy
12 October 2017
GN Version 5.0

Coming from a WCCFTech interview with Remy Chinchilla from Tequila Works...

“One of the features we put in was the HD Rumble. Yeah, it’s really cool. The designers put in a curve to how much they vibrate depending on what you’re doing in the world. The only thing really in there is in the menus – you can touch the screen. But that’s all, because we didn’t want to add any other gimmicks. RiME was never planned with any gimmicks in mind, and we thought if we add them now they might not fit with the game as we intended.”

Remy went on to say that there weren't any motion controls or gyroscopic input features added to the Switch version of RiME, as they wanted to keep the experience as close to what it was on other platforms as possible.