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Dragon Ball FighterZ - A closer look and more details on upcoming Halloween-themed content, and the Galactic Arena

by rawmeatcowboy
23 September 2018
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Dragon Ball FighterZ is hitting Switch on Sept. 28th, 2018. We're sure Bandai Namco is going to bring the game up-to-speed with the other versions, but we're not sure how long that'll take. That might mean we missed out on some holiday-themed content that the other versions are getting. Still, with that said, we'll cover that content just incase we do end up getting it in time.

Bandai Namco is adding some new Halloween-themed items to the game via Z Capsules, which are somewhat like a loot box system for the game. This content will include Halloween-themed costume colors, lobby characters, and Z Stamps. To get into specifics, Android 16 will have a Frankenstein look, with bolts coming out of his head. Birus will be available in a mummy costume, while Goku will be dressed up in some sort of furry-type costume.

Now moving away from the Halloween-themed content is the Galactic Arena, a new stage to do battle in. This is going to be a free stage for all, and is set to launch at the end of this month. The stage features monitors that display player information, as well as two jumbo-trons that broadcast the fight itself.

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