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Sony of France - "Nintendo is kiddy"

by rawmeatcowboy
11 June 2006
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It really is hard to tell. This guy says some nice, and not so nice stuff about Nintendo…but from what I gather it seems that he has some respect for the company. What do you think?

“(If Sony’s controller was inspired by Wii’s) No. Today, when one speaks about new generation of machines, everyone arrives at a technological level at a little close equivalent. Nobody copies anybody because all the departments research and development work in the same direction. Afterwards, it is a question of choice…It is not because we saw Nintendo announcing this functionality that in six months Sony immediately started to develop something. In six months, it is impossible; this kind of project takes years.”

“(Overgame asked if Sony was worried about Wii) No because I think that we have different strategies, addressed of very different consumers. Nintendo has an enormous know-how on the play and the gameplay. Miyamoto is a large character of this industry, he can make incredible games. But we do not have at all same philosophy in terms of promise on the object in itself. We place ourselves more on the side of what Americans call entertainment, the leisure in general and includes/understands the play, of course, but also the music, the cinema and connectivity with the network. Nintendo is placed rather on the play, Mario and Zelda. They are addressed to the children and to the gamers first hour. It is that their public.”

“(after being told about games like Red Steel and that Nintendo was focusing on a different image then just “kiddy” he replies) One said the same thing on Gamecube and finally, they are nevertheless children (kiddy), in very great majority, who bought. Adults, bitten, truths gamers are always found… But the very great majority remains children nevertheless. (Could the image evolve?) With what I saw, frankly, not. One remains nevertheless on the fundamental ones of Nintendo, a philosophy which is clean for them and which succeeds to them very well.” - SCEF’s Director of Communcations Richard Brunois

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