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Nintendo patents a playable Game Boy-style shell for smart devices, may indicate plans for Game Boy game re-releases

by rawmeatcowboy
04 October 2018
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Well this is a super interesting find, and could point to Nintendo's plan for reviving classic Game Boy games in the future. Check out all the details from this patent below.

- patent by Nintendo for a Game Boy-esque casing for capacitive touchscreen devices
- this is a shell where you fit your device inside
- patent was filed on March 16, 2018
- Game Boy casing allows for button inputs to be sensed by the touchscreen beneath
- this is accomplished with a conductive sheet within the cover
- this is possible whether bare-handed or wearing non-conductive gloves
- part of the casing is opened where the a Game Boy’s screen would be
- the game would be displayed in the corresponding portion of the touchscreen that is viewable
- the casing also leaves open a small window for the front camera and device speakerphone
- top and bottom of the phone are not obstructed
- this “may be attached to other electronic equipment such as a tablet terminal that does not have a telephone function”

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