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Game retailer 'Slackers' dumping Wii allotments onto eBay

by rawmeatcowboy
21 December 2007
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There are only 12 Slackers locations in the US, but if you are near one and trying to get a Wii out of them, you most likely haven’t had any luck. You might think that’s due to the system being in such high demand. Unforutnately, it is due to some very shady business practices. Slackers is taking all of their Wii shipments and dumping them straight onto eBay for $399.

“In the past year, none of the 12 [Slackers locations] have sold any Wiis except for a one-time promotional deal, where we did force customers to buy a game with it. The real crime is that we get Wii shipments regularly. In fact, right now we have about 20, but none of them make it to the store front. They all get put on the store’s eBay site at a minimum $499.99 buying price.” - Slackers employee

Now this is a situation that needs to be sorted out. I’d like to know who is pocketing the extra cash.