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RUMOR - Could work on Apex Legends for Switch be in the works already?

by rawmeatcowboy
12 February 2019
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Our friend Doctre81, the king of LinkedIn profile sleuthing, has come up with another interesting tidbit about a profile that's been hotly-discussed by Nintendo fans for a few weeks now. Let's take things back to the beginning to make sense of this all.

Everything started with a LinkedIn profile for an EA software engineer. That profile stated that he was working on bringing existing SDKs to Switch. At that point in time, the engineer had listed that he worked on SDKs for both Battlefield V and Anthem. With those games utilizing the Frostbite engine, many believed it meant the Switch was getting Frostbite engine support.

Shortly after that, the engineer removed the specific mention of the Switch from his LinkedIn profile. Obviously that lead fans to wonder what was up with the mention in the first place, but the trail kind of went cold soon after. That brings is up to today, which gives us even more interesting news.

That same LinkedIn profile has been updated yet again. This time we see that the engineer also worked on Apex Legends, which doesn't use Frostbite. Obviously, all this leads to speculation that the original Switch reference was in relation to Apex Legends, and the conversation went towards Frostbite engine support weeks back because none of us knew Apex Legends was a thing!

Could the game be heading to Switch? A Respawn team member said they'd love to bring Apex Legends to Switch, but it wasn't something they could currently talk about. Evidence is certainly mounting that a port could happen, and perhaps with all the Nintendo Direct rumors, this could be one of those reveals. Stranger things have certainly happened, and this would be a lovely end to all this LinkedIn profile hunting. We'll just have to hang tight and cross our fingers!