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HAL Labs won't divulge details on Kirby's feet, says his body composition is 'top secret'

We have top men working on it right now.
by rawmeatcowboy
01 April 2019
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If you stop and look at Kirby, you come up with all kinds of questions. Just what in the hell is he? Does he go to the bathroom? What do Kirby's feet look like?! If you want to know the answer to that last question, you'll have to make up your own. Shinya Kumazaki, chief creator HAL Laboratory, was asked that very question in an interview with Kotaku. You can get his answer below, but it won't be the answer you want.

“It’s definitely a unique question. I couldn’t help laughing a bit. But I’m afraid the mysterious composition of Kirby’s body is top secret.

I would like to talk a little bit about designing the running animation where Kirby’s feet kick out into the air while running across the ground. Kirby’s body is uniquely shaped compared to us humans, but the animation we designed is reminiscent of movement that’s not so different from humans walking. It was created based on the idea of a human running energetically, with the thighs, knees, and ankles invisible, but nevertheless accounted for.

“hat concept has been used in drawing the movement of Kirby’s hands and feet ever since Kirby was made up of pixels. So maybe rather than getting hung up on Kirby’s soft round body, picture a lively child running around a wide meadow, then take another look at how Kirby’s feet move!”