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God Eater 3 producer discusses why it took so long to announce God Eater 3 for Switch

A lot of time was spent assessing whether Switch could handle the game
by rawmeatcowboy
12 April 2019
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There was discussion of God Eater 3 coming to the Switch, but nothing official until this week. We now know the game is on the way, but it was apparently no easy task! Check out comments from Yuya Tomiyama, the producer of God Eater 3, below.

- Tomiyama acknowledged the fans that have been demanding a God Eater game on Switch
- the two God Eater 3 teams were tied up with working on the original version of the game and the upcoming free update
- another team took on the job of finding out if the game could work on Switch
- it took the team quite a long time to decipher whether a port could work, but they eventually concluded it could
- the Switch version of God Eater 3 will have the exact same content as the PS4 and Steam versions
- local multiplayer will be unique to Switch
- Tomiyama hopes to increase the God Eater 3 fanbase after the Switch release