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Dr. Mario World hits $1.4 million in revenue, downloaded 7.5 million times in its first month

A second opinion is needed
by rawmeatcowboy
12 August 2019
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Sensor Tower is back with a look at how Dr. Mario World's first month went. Depending on how you look at the numbers, things are going well, or slowly. Check out the data breakdown below, and decide for yourself.

- made $1.4 million
- downloaded 7.5 million times
- 40% better than the first month from Snoopy Pop, another license-based puzzle game
- 57% more downloads than what Family Guy: Another Freakin’ Mobile Game achieved
- Dr. Mario World has made significantly less money in its first month that any other Nintendo mobile game
- only earned more downloads that Dragalia Lost, which was only available in five markets when it debuted