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GoldenEra: The Legend of GoldenEye documentary announced

No, Mr. Bond...I expect you to watch!
by rawmeatcowboy
25 February 2020
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GoldenEye 007 holds a special place in gaming history as well as the hearts of gamers everywhere.

The highest selling FPS ever for 8 years running with over 8 million copies sold, its groundbreaking single player and massively popular multiplayer dominated living rooms all around the world.

GoldenEye redefined the gaming industry- and its impact on game design and philosophy are still felt to this day. For the first time, the story of how such a groundbreaking title was made by a tiny, untested team, and unleashed on an unsuspecting public, is revealed in a creation story like no other.

GoldenEra is set to release sometime this year, and it aims to give a ridiculously deep dive into one of gaming's most famous, and most important FPS experiences. The documentary will feature interviews numerous staff involved with the game's creation, including Director Drew Roller, David Doak, Karl Hilton, Steve Ellis, Grant Kirkhope, and more.