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Japanese Smash Bros. Ultimate fans choose Sora as their most-wanted roster addition

Sora you do
by rawmeatcowboy
28 February 2020
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If Japanese fans had their way, Sora would be making his way to Smash Bros. Ultimate. Inside-Games ran a poll to see which characters people wanted in Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Sora lead the pack. See who else was requested in the poll results below.

Sora (Kingdom Hearts) – 290 votes
Dante (Devil May Cry) – 91 votes
Hunter (Monster Hunter) – 80 votes
Rex (Xenoblade Chronicles 2) – 74 votes
2B (Nior Automata) – 70 votes
Crash Bandicoot (Crash) – 65 votes
Waddle Dee / Bandana Waddle Dee (Kirby) – 64 votes
Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII) – 59 votes
Arle (Puyo Puyo series) – 56 votes
Steve (Minecraft) – 55 votes
Saber (Fate series) – 53 votes
Kirito (Sword Art Online) – 50 votes
Hakurei Reimu (Touhou Project) – 42 votes
Goku (Dragon Ball) – 32 votes
Geno (Super Mario RPG) – 26 votes