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Sony going after Dreams creations that use Nintendo IP at the request of Nintendo

Nintendo is not happy
by rawmeatcowboy
21 March 2020
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People have been using Dreams to create anything and everything in their wildest imagination. The PS4 game is all about bringing your ideas to life, and for some people, that means working with already-existing franchises.

Countless creations are out there that aim to recreate existing properties, and Nintendo titles are definitely in the mix. While most companies seem to let these creations slide, the Big N is moving in to shut down these experiences.

Dreams content create @Piece_of_Craft has shared a note stating that "a big video game company" reached out about his projects and asked him to stop. Wondering what company that is? In the same message, @Piece_of_Craft states that all of his Mario projects in Dreams are now on hold.

To get even more specific, @Piece_of_Craft said he received an email from the legal and business affairs division of Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe, which stated that Nintendo had objected to the use of Mario in his Dreams project. Expect the same to happen for any other Nintendo-related IP that fans try to recreate in Dreams.

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!