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Rick May, the voice of Peppy and Andross in StarFox 64, has passed away from coronavirus

Rest in peace, Mr. May
by rawmeatcowboy
13 April 2020
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We are unbelievably saddened to tell you that Rick May, the voice behind Peppy Hare and Andross in StarFox 64, has passed away. Rick suffered a stroke in Feb. 2020, and had been moved into a nursing home for his rehabilitation. While there, Rick was exposed to the coronavirus, which ended up taking his life while he was in the care of Swedish Medical Center near Seattle, Washington.

Outside of his work in video games, Rick was a a teacher at the Rekindle School, where he directed or appeared in over 300 shows. The Rekindle School has opened up an email address for those who want to send their condolences to Rick's family. You can do so by reaching out to

Thanks to Cassidy for sharing this information.