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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp sees its best month ever, hitting nearly $8 million in revenue for April 2020

Is that a major growth spurt in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
by rawmeatcowboy
05 May 2020
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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is racking up sales by the millions, but it's also doing wonders for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. According to the latest report from Sensor Tower, Pocket Camp has just seen its best month ever since launch. Check out the full data breakdown below.

- lifetime player spending has gone past $150 million
- in the seven days after New Horizons released, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp downloads increased about 229%
- this amounted to a week-over-week increase to 1.9 million
- in that same week, player spending rose 106% to $1.7 million
- in the month following New Horizons' launch, downloads grew 547.8% from the month prior to 8.4 million
- revenue shot up 27.1% to $7.6 million
- the month of April 2020 was the game’s best ever for revenue, generating $7.9 million in player spending
- Japan accounts for $112.8 million from player spending, or close to 74%
- the United States ranked No. 2 for revenue, generating $29.2 million, or 195
- Great Britain ranked No. 3, with approximately $2 million, or 1.4%
- the App Store has taken the majority of revenue to date, with players spending $91 million, or 59.6%
- on Google Play, meanwhile, the game has generated $61.6 million, or 40.4%
- Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has accumulated 44.8 million installs to date
- April 2020 proved to be its second best month ever for downloads, generating more than 7 million installs
- the previous best month for the game was November 2017, when it launched globally and generated 17.6 million downloads
- the U.S. ranks No. 1 for installs, racking up 16 million, or approximately 36%
- Japan ranked No. 2, generating close to 10 million downloads, or 22.3%
- France ranked No. 3, with close to 4 million downloads, or 8.6%
- the App Store also came out on top for downloads, picking up close to 24 million installs, or 53.5%
- Google Play, meanwhile, accounted for 20.8 million downloads, or 46.5%
- average gross revenue per download for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp currently stands at approximately $3.40