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Ex-Retro Studios concept artist shares insight into the cancelled Sheik/Gerudo and Boo projects

Projects to never see the light of day
by rawmeatcowboy
08 May 2020
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Earlier in the week, an online portfolio for ex-Retro Studios concept artist Sammy Hall was discovered. In that portfolio were pieces of concept art from two different Retro projects that were cancelled. One of them was a Zelda spin-off, and the other seemed to make Boos the star of the show. In an interview with IGN, Hall reveals a few more details about these projects.

According to Hall, both games came from ex-Retro leads Mark Pacini, Todd Keller and Kynan Pearson. These projects were "cancelled the week they went to create their other studios." As to why they were cancelled, there doesn't seem to be a definitive answer.

As for the projects themselves, we learn that the Zelda spin-off would have featured a male Sheikah in an action-JRPG. This game would take place in the dark timeline after Ocarina of Time, and as we previously discussed, you would travel across a ruined Hyrule while a Dark Gerudo tribe gives birth to a new form of Ganon. The game would have been an origin story for the Master Sword.

As for the Boo project, it appeared to have the working title of Haunt, and it was geared towards portables. Apparently the game would have been centered upon the idea of a Boo learning how to scare.