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2K explains why Borderlands/Bioshock/XCOM are all coming to Switch on the same day, want to support Switch going forward

Big 2K support on the way
by rawmeatcowboy
23 May 2020
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As you likely know, 2K is releasing XCOM 2 Collection, Bioshock: The Collection, and Borderlands Legendary Collection on Switch all on May 29th, 2020. How on earth did 2K decide to bring everything out on one day? Famitsu talked to 2K chief creative Sami Thessman to find out. Check out his comments below, courtesy of a NintendoEverything translation.

“Well, we’ve had a huge demand for these games on Switch for some time now, so it was actually because we felt bad that we’ve kept everyone waiting this long. In announcing and releasing all these games at the same time, we were able to pull this necessary partnership together even more effectively and really establish it. We didn’t necessarily have some kind of marketing goal or something like that in mind, but I’m sure it wasn’t just a happy coincidence either.”

A huge amount of titles for the Switch in one day, but can we expect more from 2K on the platform? While Thessman wasn't willing to give specifics, he did share encouraging words.

“I can’t tell you all about our business strategies, but what I can say is we at 2K consider our relationship with Nintendo to be extremely important. We really want to keep releasing games for Nintendo Switch moving forward.”