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Sakurai says he's afraid to talk about games he's currently playing, as he knows it will lead to Smash Bros. character speculation

Every word analyzed
by rawmeatcowboy
04 June 2020
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Sakurai's latest column in Famitsu focuses on why he hardly ever talks about the games he's playing. We all know Sakurai is quite the avid gamer, so why doesn't he open up? Read all the details from the feature below, translated by PushDustin and Sephazon.

- Sakurai says he's playing more games than usual while he's home
- Sakurai says he's afraid to talk about the games he's playing, as he knows people will think he's hinting at Smash characters
- Sakurai also doesn't write about the games he's playing on Twitter for the same reason
- Sakurai even holds back on appearing on various programs in order to avoid speculation on Smash characters

Sakurai also took a minute to give an update on what it's been like working from home. He says he's going through a trial and error phase with working from home to see what works out best.

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