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Paper Mario: The Origami King website updates with location names, a new character, and more

Welcome, Captain T.Ode!
by rawmeatcowboy
28 June 2020
GN Version 5.0

The official website for Paper Mario: The Origami King has been updated to its full version, and with that comes a bunch of new info. Check out details on the new character posted above, as well as town names and more below!

New character: Captain T. Ode

Description: This legendary mariner holds the Sea Chart. Rumor has it he also owns a...submarine?!

Location names

Toad Town: Toad Town is in the midst of celebrating an origami festival! Or at least they should be, but the town is oddly absent of Toads. Where have they all disappeared to?

Whispering Woods: A mountainous area outside of Toad Town. Visitors here report strange occurrences like whispering voices when no one is around, or getting endlessly lost on the forest paths.

Shangri-Spa: This region's main attraction waits within its depths. Make your way through its plant-choked jungles and... wait, did you hear something just now?

The Great Sea: Various islands dot the blue expanse of the Great Sea. Find one to land on and set out on foot.

Scorching Sandpaper Desert: A mysterious desert shrouded in darkness. But what's that black circle just floating in the sky? Hop in the Boot Car and head for the end of the yellow streamer!

Shogun Studios: A formidable castle keep stands as a landmark in this theme park. All sorts of exciting shows and attractions are featured here.

Autumn Mountain: This mountainous wonderland is decked out in the vibrant reds and yellows of autumn leaves and waving fields of golden grass.

New bosses: Vellumentals

Description of the fire Vellumental: This fiery foe is one of the towering Vellumental bosses that Mario must face in his journey. It’s said that if you manage to defeat one in battle, you’ll gain its power!

Sinister Supplies: The fearsome Legion of Stationery stands guard at the end of each streamer. They’re tough, but if you can find their weak points, you can crumple them in battle!a